Dental Assisting Admissions


Official Application Filing Period

The Dental Assisting Program is a 12 month, Fall-entry only, full-time day program with limited enrollment (24 students). Online eApplications are open from September 8, 2020 till March 19, 2021.  

Registration Process 

To be considered for full admission to our program you must complete Phases I, II, and III by the deadline.

Any incoming students who HAVE NOT yet met all required phases by program deadline must re-apply online and be re-advised by the program. Admittance into the program is on a space available basis. It is the student’s responsibility to check eligibility and acceptance status to the dental assisting program. Students not meeting these basic requirements will be referred to the Counselors at the Health and Biosciences Institute.

Phase I

Step 1

Apply & Enroll in San Antonio College

Applicants for the Dental Assisting program MUST be fully enrolled in San Antonio College. 

First submit your application for admission through the Apply Texas website.

Students with high-school diploma or its equivalent (GED), or post- secondary degree desiring admission into Dental Assisting program courses must review checklist

Then follow the step-by-step enrollment process found in Admissions & Aid / How to Apply.

Step 2

Meet the Course Requirements

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements of San Antonio College, students desiring fall admission into the Dental Assisting program must meet the following course requirements:

•Meet the program’s entry-level competencies, which are completion of MATH 0320 or a TSI score of 350 or higher or college level math (AAS), INRW 0420 or TSI-English: Essay 5 and Reading 351. This can be accomplished by scoring appropriately on the TSI test or taking and passing the courses.

•A GPA of 2.75 or better.  Acceptance to the Dental Assisting Program will be on a first come first served basis of those students meeting basic requirements, observation hours and Complio.

Step 3

Apply to the Dental Assisting program

Complete and submit the Dental Assisting online application before the deadline for consideration.

 Dental Assisting Application 

Step 4

Attend Orientation & meet with a Dental Assisting faculty advisor

Once you have completed the online application an automatic email will be sent to you indicating the dates and time of a mandatory informational session. Please check your ALAMO.EDU email. Your ACES email will be the official mode of communication between you and the Alamo Colleges.

After the informational session each student will be advised individually.  Plan your time accordingly; sessions may last all day.  

You must submit written proof of an advisement / degree plan signed by a faculty member of the dental assisting program.

Please Note: You must provide a copy of your unofficial transcript for advisement.

Step 5

Complete Observation Hours

Effective Fall 2016, all students interested in the program are required to observe 20 hours in a General Dentistry office prior to acceptance into program (must document hours, attach office business card of where you observed and have signed by dentist or office manager).

The program, along with our dental assisting advisory board, feel this will help with student perseverance in the program and give the applicant a better sense of the role the dental assistant plays in a dental office.

Hours must be completed by deadline.

Students accepted into the dental assisting program will be notified by Alamo e-mail and must complete the following phases by the deadline. 

Phase II

Submit proof of the following pre-program requirements by the deadline:

  • Take and pass CPR-BLS Provider and submit copy of current CPR card to Complio. Note: CPR is required for State and National Certificates (CPR-Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider).
  • A completed program health assessment policy packet which includes:  A completed updated immunization record including Hepatitis B series (Hep B completed (3) or is in progress, needing only #3 in the series to be completed); PPD/TB screen (within one year); Td booster (if applicable); MMR; DPT. Additionally, Varicella or official documentation by a physician indicating active disease.
  • Proof of completed background check. (Complio)
  • Proof of completed drug screening.  (Complio)
  • Students must provide proof of health insurance-throughout program. (Complio)
  • Dental prophylaxis with current dental examination with interproximal radiographs (4).
  • A signed order for x-rays (18 fmx/pano) from your dentist indicating that you may have radiographs taken on you.
  • Proof of ADAA Membership (fall and spring requirements)

Note: CPR is required for State and National Certificates. (CPR- BLS Provider). 

The Phase II packet must be returned by the deadline in order to move to Phase III.

Phase III
  • Attend the mandatory orientation in the summer prior to enrollment in classes.
  • Purchase of required textbooks and supplies.
  • Purchase of required scrubs.

Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to keep in contact with the dental assisting advisor, check eligibility, acceptance status and register for their classes.

Download the updated-spring 2022-dental-assisting-group-advisement-1282021.pdf for more info.

Should a student withdraw, fail, or drop, for whatever reason, they must reapply and be re-advised by dental faculty.  

PLEASE NOTE: A positive criminal background may prevent an applicant from obtaining RDA. The Dental Assisting program has nothing to do with the TSDBE decision.

All applicants with a positive criminal background report must submit an appeal to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners and obtain a written waiver before enrollment in the program.  See advisor. 


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