Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Communication Design, CIS, Music Business, and RTB
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: SAC


What is the Radio-Television-Broadcasting program?

     The Radio-Television-Broadcasting program consists of hands-on courses in the fundamentals of in-studio and off-site Television Production, Radio Station Operation, Digital Audio Production, Writing for Radio, Television, and Cinema Style Production. 

What will I learn?

Students in this program learn:

  • Camera operation fundamentals used in the television and film industry
  • Digital audio production techniques for field & studio recording
  • Writing, announcing, and producing for television and radio
  • Real On-Air radio experience with KSYM 90.1 FM


What can I do with this course of study?

     Graduates of the SAC RTVB program are employed by broadcast radio and television stations, film crews, lighting, and staging companies, advertising agencies, media production houses, recording studios, concert venues, theme parks, churches, and organizations that use multimedia approaches to deliver content to a private or public audience.


What's special about our program?

     San Antonio College's Radio- Television-Broadcasting is an exemplary program that is 2-3 times more affordable than other programs offering a similar curriculum. The facility is equipped with two fully functional TV studios, a multi-track recording studio, and a community radio station operation offering real hands-on experience. Our well-connected Faculty provide excellent networking and internship opportunities.

2-3 times more affordable than other programs offering a similar curriculum


If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact our Enrollment Team via:

For more info about the Radio-TV-Broadcasting Program or if you are interested in a tour,

please fill out our information request form, email or call 210-486-1367

Information Request Form

To reserve the auditorium, LRTF 101, please contact Judy Kabo at 210-486-1361 or download the form and submit it to for availability.

LRTF 101 Room Request Form

RTVB Advisors

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Contact your RTVB advisor and make an appointment today.

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  • Student Media Archives

    Check out the work our students are creating. The Student Media Archive contains a wide range of class projects a student can expect to complete within our program. 

    Student Media Archives


  • RTVB News

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  • Job Opportunities/ Internships

    Interested in practicing your skills outside the classroom? Check out our virtual job/internship board. Opportunities will be posted when they become available. **These opportunities are not guaranteed. It is the student's responsibility to apply and/or reach out to the company or contact person. 

    Virtual Job/Internship Board

    Interested in posting a job opportunity or internship?

    If you’re a local area employer interested in partnering with the RTVB department, please submit an intern request form along with any information and materials. These opportunities will be shared with students as appropriate. 

    Intern Request Form

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Troy Touchette
Department Chair
Nail Technical Center (NTC-229) 



Markene Bennett
Program Coordinator

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Donnie Meals
KSYM Faculty Advisor & General Manager
Longwith Radio-TV-Film (LRTF-201A)


James Borrego

Longwith Radio-TV-Film (LRTF-209)


Judy Kabo
Academic Unit Assistant

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James "Hot Mustard" Velten
KSYM Program Director

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