Dual Credit Instructors

Application Process to Teach Dual Credit Classes

San Antonio College

Academic disciplines require a Master's degree in the teaching discipline or Master's degree with at least 18 hours in the teaching discipline. CTE disciplines may require a Bachelor's or Associate degree.

1. Go to www.alamo.edu/jobs/

2. Click FACULTY

3. Click SEARCH JOB POSTINGS (use the click here for more to list all jobs)

· Complete the Requisition # field with the correct requisition number listed below on the requisitions page.

· Click on the Faculty Instructor position for which you are applying

· Once it comes up, click Apply Now

· Complete all appropriate fields on all pages. Be sure to provide an email address. Complete fields for every college attended/degree earned, and fields for all pertinent work experience. Save and confirm at end.

· Answer any supplemental questions that come up

4. Scan and upload/attach all college transcripts to your application.

5. Upload/attach an updated resume


7. Send TWO sets of Official Transcripts to our office by mail or by email (must be from the institution).


By mail:

San Antonio College

Dual Credit office-FAC 230

1819 N Main, San Antonio, TX 78212


Email must be sent from the University to our Department

8. Once transcripts are received, the department chair will review your credentials and may call you for an interview.

9. Alamo Colleges Human Resources will email you (to the email you provide in the application process) all information in order to finalize your hiring process.

Now your application is complete.

Thank you for your interest in teaching at San Antonio College!

Dual Credit Requisitions

Please list the Dual Credit requisition number tied to the department for which you are applying. Please do not apply for the general faculty positions listed for the college adjuncts.

All Dual Credit positions are listed below:

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - Physics) SAC - req3781

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - Spanish) SAC - req3907

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - Math) SAC - req4000

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - Government) SAC - req4176

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - French) SAC - req4112

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - Chinese) SAC - req4113

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - Speech) SAC - req4214

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - Arts) SAC - req4215

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit - Drama) SAC - req4216

· Adjunct Faculty (Dual Credit -Biology)SAC-req4336

Need Help?
Please contact the college's Human Resources Generalist at 485-0105 or our Dual Credit office at 486-0177.