Dual Credit Graduates

Dual Credit Graduates

Dual Credit Students Transitioning to Regular Enrollment & Transcript Requests

Below are helpful links to direct Dual Credit students who need to request an official SAC transcript or plan on attending one of the Alamo College colleges as a Regular College student.

Requesting an Official SAC Transcript

Please ensure the admissions department has received a copy of your official high school transcript with the graduation date. (Home schooled students' official high school transcript with the graduation date must also be notarized.) Once this has been completed, the student must sign into their ACES account, located on the San Antonio College website, and request the official transcript. The student may request the transcript be sent directly to the college/university of their choice.

High School Graduated Dual Credit Students:

Please ensure that the SAC Admissions and Records Office have received your official high school transcript with the graduation date prior to requesting an official SAC transcript. Visit the http://www.alamo.edu/sac to make your transcript request online through your ACES account. For additional information please contact the SAC Admissions and Records Office at 210-486- 0200.

Dual Credit Students Transitioning to Regular Enrollment

All Dual Credit High School Graduates must complete the following steps to ensure a smooth transition from the Dual Credit Program to First Time in College admission and enrollment.

  1. Apply for Admissions: Complete and submit your admissions application, www.applytexas.org. An Active application is required to move forward with the enrollment process. Ensure your application is completed as a First Time in College Student.
  2. Submit Transcript(s): Submit official high school transcript or GED Certificate/scores.
  3. Provide Proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination: A new state law requires that entering students show evidence of receiving a bacterial meningitis vaccination or booster does during the five year period prior to enrollment. The law allows for few exceptions. (Most former dual credit students will not need to complete this piece, please check website for exceptions.)
  4. Apply for Financial Aid: You are strongly encouraged to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.ed.gov Please consult the Alamo Colleges District Student Financial Services website for Priority and Processing Guarantee Dates.
  5. Take a Placement Exam: Submit official SAT, ACT or TAKS scores for evaluation to determine if a placement exam is required. (All former dual credit students already have qualifying scores in our system; seek guidance from your SAC advisor for confirmation.)
  6. Academic Advising: Fulfill your individual Academic Advising requirement.
  7. Register for Classes (Online): Once an advising session has been completed and you have provided the required documentation for the bacterial meningitis vaccination, please register online.
  8. Pay Tuition and Fees (Tuition payment must be made in cash at the Business Office or by credit card or check online.): Payment in full or by installments must be made by the payment deadlines or you will be dropped from your classes. See payment deadlines at http://alamo.edu/district/business-office/