Home School

Home School students, high school aged learners currently being educated apart from public or private K-12 institutions, are eligible to participate in dual enrollment programs at San Antonio College. 


Apply for Admission

  1. Complete and submit the admission application through ApplyTexas
    • Process takes 4-5 business days
    • An active application is required to move forward with the enrollment process
    • This process will allow Banner ID and ACES username to be generated
  2. Login into ACES and begin with Alamo Enroll under START HERE tab
    • Complete the Go FAARR module for dual credit (complete Quiz)
    • Complete the Test Prep module prior to taking the TSI Assessment (complete Quiz)**
  3. Test Scores
    • TSI Assessment - Student must have completed GO FAARR and Test Prep module in Alamo ENROLL prior to testing. VisitSAC_Assessment_and_Testing to view available testing times and remember that no appointment is necessary.
    • **If the student is eligible with SAT, ACT, or STARR, then they DO NOT have to take Test Prep Module; but still need to complete the GO FAAR Module.
  4. Submit San Antonio College forms
    • High School Programs Student/ Parent Consent Form
    • Homeschooling Parent Invoice Registration Form
    • FERPA form (Optional): need copy of parent and student photo ID
  5. Submit Official High School Transcript
    • Must be notarized transcript
    • Must include Name, breakdown of courses per grade level, and expected graduation date
  6. Bacterial Meningitis: submit form to MAGNUS via ACES account
    • Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Record (ONLY if taking a course on San Antonio College Campus)
    • Bacterial Meningitis Online Waiver (ONLY if taking an online course) for students not attending face to face courses on campus.
  7. Set up appointments
    • Meet with San Antonio College High School Programs Coordinator
    • Complete required academic advising appointment