Creative Multimedia

Due to COVID-19 some services may be limited or not available.  For more information, please contact the appropriate individual.

Creative Multimedia

What is the Department of Creative Multimedia?

The Department of Creative Multimedia (DCM) is divided into three sections: Educational Multimedia Center, Graphics, Photography, SATV Education, Title III "Tenaces" and Title V "Building Bridges Puentes".

Who does Creative Multimedia serve?

Students and Faculty

What services are available?

Department of Creative Multimedia provides: Video recording (student, faculty, and guest presentations in the classroom, auditorium, location, or studio) in traditional, MediaSite, other distance learning, and teleconferencing formats; Graphics design and production (educational and other materials supporting the mission of the college); Photography (educational images for the classroom, in-studio and location photos supporting the college mission, and documenting events.); SATV Education, the Education TV cable station, (Time Warner Cable Channel 98 on set top box, Grande Cable Channel 21, and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99) for the City of San Antonio is housed and operated by the Department of Creative Multimedia (DCM); and the Title V STEM grant (provides training and support to STEM faculty and the promotion of science education.)


Department of Creative Multimedia hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(Department hours of operation are subject to change, call (210) 486-1211 to confirm current operating hours, and to discuss other arrangements.)

How does it benefit me?

Requests are discussed and a plan is developed to create a multimedia package to effectively communicate the message to the student, college, or community. The cost is generally limited to replacement of materials used – other costs may apply depending on the project. (Note: These services are only available to San Antonio College/district projects.)

 Services Offered

Video Recording

Department of Creative Multimedia: Educational Multimedia Center (MLC 632)

DCM provides a variety of academic and promotional Multimedia services to San Antonio College, one of the Alamo Colleges District, which includes video recording of classroom lectures, guest speakers in the classroom or in the auditorium. DCM is equipped to edit and duplicate in digital formats. Faculty also make use of our TV studio to record student presentations. Faculty may contact us to arrange for our services to establish video/tele-conferencing programs or meetings.

Work Order/Service Requests
All requests will need to be made by submitting a FootPrints Ticket.  FootPrints may be accessed through ACES.  Make sure to log in using your workstation User ID and Password.  Once logged in select our department to go through the process.

Classroom Recording

Recording a classroom lecture can be an important tool for learning. It lets a student review materials, view a missed lecture, or a special presentation. To schedule a recording session, call (210) 486-0938 or stop by our facility in MLC 632.

TV Studio Recording

A state-of-the-art TV studio is available for student presentations, demonstrations, interviews, lectures, classes, etc. The studio is equipped with three cablecast quality cameras, a control room, stage, props, and classroom seating. All talent must sign a release form before the recording session. There is no charge for the general use of the studio; however, some more involved projects may involve a cost. Clients may bring their videotape, DVD or charge one to a department account. Appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis. Please schedule your TV recording session at least two weeks in advance.

On/Off Campus Recording

Some projects require location recording either on or off campus. The nature of the project will determine the timeframe, equipment needed, and if additional costs will be charged to the department such as travel, lodging, food, or specialized equipment.

Videocourse Playback

DCM is the central hub for distribution of the Alamo Colleges District credit videocourses programs, K-12 Districts news magazines, and special educational programs for the City of San Antonio. Programs are broadcasted on Time-Warner Channel 98 and Grande Channel 23. See Distance Education for a list of video courses and times.

The Education Channel - inTV

Following deregulation of the cable industry in Texas, the City of San Antonio asked the Department of Creative Multimedia of San Antonio College to cablecast the educational calendar announcements and programming on their Education P.E.G. Channel (Time Warner Ch 98, Grande Ch 21 and AT&T U-verse 99) for the community. SATV Ed. is operated by San Antonio College as a public service to the education community 24/7 annually.

Video Duplication

DCM offers limited program duplication services for instructional purposes. Programs can usually be duplicated within a week, depending on the number of duplications and number of pending requests. Duplication jobs are completed in the order in which they are received. There is no charge for labor. However, there is a charge for the DVDs and other supplies. DCM complies with U.S. copyright laws.

Editing Services

Programs recorded by the DCM are edited in-house. Editing assistance is provided to faculty who arrange with DCM to have student projects edited. Different digital formats can be used for multimedia presentations.

DCM Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
DCM Main Phone: (210) 486-0938


Department of Creative Multimedia: Graphics Design

The Graphics unit provides San Antonio College with classroom graphics, publications and college promotional materials, graphics for logos, buttons, banners, conference presentations, and campus-wide special events. Our Graphics staff develops projects from start to finish or works with outside vendors to produce needed materials. Contact one of our Graphics personnel to schedule an appointment to discuss your graphic needs.

Graphic Services Available

  • Instructional Materials
  • Charts
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Digital Imagery
  • Flyers
  • Signs
  • Banners
  • Programs
  • Lamination

Graphics Work Order

There is no cost to the college for design or labor.  There is a chargeback to the department for materials used in your project.  All requests/work orders will need to be made by submitting a FootPrints Ticket.  FootPrints may be accessed through ACES.  Make sure to log in using your workstation User ID and Password.  Once logged in select our department to go through the process.  Please allow a two-week turnaround time on all requests.


Graphics is located in MLC 645. For additional information, please call (210) 486-0593.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Saturday & Sunday Closed


Dr. Barbara Knotts
Professor & Director
Location: MLC 639
Phone: 210-486-0593

Mandy Hernandez
Sr. Multimedia Specialist
Location: MLC 636C
Phone: 210-486-1215

TVSA Education

Provides educational resources for all learners. All programs are non-commercial such as Classic Arts San Antonio, Strategic Pathways, The Poet's Corner, and Trinity University.

Any local college, university, non-profit or K- 12 school can announce or present their educational program and school activity to the community. Start streaming the education channel.  Start watching live on the web.

Contact Information:

Jason Ucab
Operations Engineer | TVSA-Education | Senior Multimedia Specialist
PHONE:  210-486-1212

Virtual Reality

It’s not a class, it’s more of an experience. For example, students can put on a VR headset and view the human anatomy such as the heart, lungs, brain, stomach, liver etc. Through Virtual Reality participants are able to view how certain conditions affect vital organs, like when a heart is going into cardiac arrest or how lungs with asthma function.  These types of experiences allow individuals to understand how things function and how they are put together.

To learn more about Virtual Reality at San Antonio College, please visit us at MLC 642 or contact

Aaryn Morris
Sr. Multimedia Specialist
  Dylan Beeson
  Multimedia Specialist

Take a look at our video to view some of our projects:

3D Technologies

The practical 3D Technologies program at San Antonio College offers classes and collaboration using advanced 3D content development tools and techniques and is funded through a federal HSI STEM grant. Our classes are open to the public and cover 3D visualization, modeling, sculpting, terraining, scanning, and printing. Our collaborations are open to STEM faculty, staff, students, schools, research institutions, along with federal, state, and local agencies.

Contact Information

To learn more about 3D Technologies training at San Antonio College, to register for classes/camps, to discuss collaboration opportunities, or to request 3D technology presentations for members of your organization, please visit our webpage or contact

Aaron Ellis
Academic Program Coordinator
Title III - Tenaces


Contact Information

Contact Information

Department Office Number: 210-486-1211

Dr. Barbara Knotts
Director of Creative Multimedia

Lisa Ojeda
Administrative Services Specialist

Yvonne Campbell
Statistical Research Specialist
Title III - Tenaces Grant

Bruce Davis
Media Producer
Associate Professor

Grace Guillen
Media Technician I

Jason Ucab
Sr. Multimedia Specialist
SATV Education

Sean Ryan
Sr. Multimedia Specialist

Mandy Hernandez
Sr. Multimedia Specialist
Graphic Design
Title III – Tenaces Grant

Victor Roberson
Sr. Multimedia Specialist

Aaryn Morris
Sr. Multimedia Specialist
Video Recording
Virtual Reality

Dylan Beeson
Multimedia Specialist
Virtual Reality
Title III – Tenaces Grant

Aaron Ellis
Academic Program Coordinator
Practical 3D Technologies
Title III – Tenaces Grant





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