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What happens in the program?

Ascender is a first year experience program for community college students created to ensure college readiness toward completion and transfer. It combines:


  • Navigational support through holistic advising, counseling, and a Learning Framework course


  • An academic pathway that features a year-long sequence of English and additional core subjects by instructors trained in the model


  • Student Engagement component that includes community mentorship, cultural events, leadership development and internships


Ascender Advisors






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Elissa Gutierrez

As a first-generation college student myself, I am well aware of the challenges faced and how to overcome them. My goal is to empower each student I encounter to see their potential and reach their goals. I have found my purpose in life at Proverbs 15:22 “Plans fail for lack of guidance, but with many Advisors they will succeed."


Sara Passement

I have 15 plus years of advising experience and have worked in 2 other Alamo Colleges. My personal motto (which I stole from D. Nettles) is “Do the RIGHT thing because it is the right thing to do.” I love to make a difference in the lives of our students.


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Mary Segovia

I came to (SAC) as a student in 2000. I became an employee in 2006. Working in multiple areas has developed my extensive knowledge of the college and the district system. My goal is to serve students as a guide to help them navigate their college path through graduation from SAC and beyond. I'm a servant leader and my purpose is to serve students to help them achieve their educational goals.







About Catch The Next

Catch the Next, Inc. (CTN) is a national, award-winning college readiness and completion organization committed to increasing equitable outcomes in higher education. The CTN mission is to empower faculty, staff, and institutions to increase the educational attainment of Latinos and other under-served communities in order to close higher education equity and achievement gaps. At San Antonio College, a Hispanic Serving Institution, Ascender Learning Communities (ALC) courses enhance the Latinx student experience with support, learning opportunities and motivation needed to complete a degree.

Program Highlights

  • Community building & interdisciplinary learning
  • Increased academic success & student potential
  • Students save time and money as they complete degrees
  • Increased graduation and transfer rates
  • Students register for classes as part of a cohort

The Ascender Program provides academic, emotional-social, and community supports for Latino and other underserved community college students to increase the number of students who successfully complete developmental coursework, increase the number of students who successfully complete first-year college-level coursework in gatekeeper courses such as English and Math, and increase the number of students who graduate from the community college and transfer to a four-year college or university.

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