MESA Membership is FREE and available to ALL STEM majors

Membership BENEFITS 

  • Welcoming and supportive STEM student community
  • Extended hours to MESA Center:
    • Regular Hours M-F 8am -5 pm
    • Member Hours M-F 7am -10pm
  • Academic Accountability through Academic Advising and adherence to membership requirements
  • Receive STEM related weekly updates:  current information on undergraduate research opportunities, internships, scholarships, personal and professional development
  • PriorityTutoring and Computer Usage
  • Creation of relevant workshops - Have an idea for a workshop?   Share it with us!
  • Guest Speakers and Presentations in STEM fields!  Want to hear about something specific?  Ask us and we will do our best to bring a specialist to speak.
  • Referrals to additional support services on campus
  • Letters of Recommendation for members in good standing.
  • Great Study space! 


  • Major in a STEM field. - For a list of majors visit the MESA homepage  
  • Register with us on - for more information read below under the application process
  • Attend a MESA Orientation - familiarize yourself with the MESA process
  • Meet once a semester with a STEM Advisor and have them fill out the STEM Advisor verification form for your membership records (Click here to download the form)
  • Apply to 1 or 2 4-year institutions with the intent of transferring during your last year at SAC
  • Volunteer for at least 1 MESA sponsored event
  • Must apply for 1 scholarship a month or 4 each semester
    • Become an active member of a STEM student organization
    • Attend 3 or more sessions (workshops, guest speaking events, presentations)
    • Participate in undergraduate research or an internship
    • Volunteer as a tutor in the MESA Center for 2 or more hours a week (requires a letter of recommendation in the area your would like to study)

Application Process:
1.) To begin the membership process:

  •   Create/Log-in to  
  •  Add MESA to your organizations by requesting to follow MESA and wait for approval.  Do this by clicking on the add organization tab, typing in MESA and pressing enter.
  •  Once following MESA click on the Forms tab on the left column of the orgsync website.  Fill out and submit the MESA Center Student Registration Form

2.) To complete the membership process, meet with Mrs. Analisa Sengele or Mr. Carlos Flores for a MESA Overview and to begin documenting your membership activities.
* If you have any questions or would like an overview of OrgSync.  Please stop by the MESA Center in CAC 204 and our Coordinator or peer mentor will be happy to help you.  You can also click here for more detailed instructions.