SAC Remote Tutoring

The remote tutoring services provided to students by the San Antonio College tutoring centers will be conducted through Zoom.  Students can use Zoom on their desktop/laptop computers or on their mobile devices.  Some of the centers are providing drop-in tutoring while others are providing appointment based tutoring. 

Students can schedule their own tutoring appointments through Navigate.  Students will log into ACES first and then click on the AlamoNAVIGATE link.  The following video explains how students can schedule their own appointments.


Drop-in based tutoring 

Brainfuse Online Tutoring
Computer Programming
Computer Science
Geology and Earth Sciences
Integrated Reading and Writing
Writing Assistance


Need help or have questions!
We are here.

Phone: (210) 486 - 0165
Online: Click on Online Technical Support below to see the hours and Zoom IDs of our staff.


Online Technical Support

If students experience any problems, our support staff is online to assist in scheduling appointments or answering questions.

M - Monday;  T - Tuesday;  W - Wednesday;  R - Thursday;  F - Friday;  Sa - Saturday

 Staff Member  Zoom ID  Day  Time


 569 983 8776



12:00P - 5:00P

11:00A - 4:00P


 382 424 9085




8:00A - 12:00P

8:00A - 1:00P

8:00A - 2:00P


 346 005 6187



1:00P - 5:00P

1:00P - 4:00P


 236 904 7511



4:00P - 8:00P

4:30P - 8:00P


 867 563 5681



1:00P - 4:30P

8:00A - 12:00P


 718 547 6307


11:00A - 6:30P


 856 378 2392 



 8:00A - 12:00P 
 12:30P - 4:00P 

 9:00A - 1:00P