San Antonio College to Remove Ranger Mascot

July 14, 2020

SAC Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications

As San Antonio College prepares to celebrate it 95th anniversary later this year, it has made a historic decision to remove the Ranger as the mascot for the campus.

The decision was made during a special session of the College Council, a group consisting of college administrators, department directors, faculty chairs, and program coordinators.

After listening to speakers who registered to be heard during the special session, the College Council unanimously approved a recommendation to “immediately stop using the name, symbol, logo, and image of the “Ranger” – as the college mascot and begin a college wide search for a new San Antonio College mascot.”

The recommendation was forwarded to SAC President Dr. Robert Vela, who immediately approved the measure.

“This is a historic day! The debate is over and San Antonio College has gone on record as being inclusive, diverse, empowered, decisive, true to its values – and committed to doing the right thing. We’ve taken a great leap forward and now we can begin the process of fashioning a new mascot identity that reflects the very best qualities of our SAC community,” said Dr. Vela after the decision.

For more than a year, groups on campus have held discussions on the fate of the Ranger as the school mascot. Earlier this year, SAC conducted a survey on the mascot asking students, faculty, staff, and the community whether to keep it or remove it from campus. The majority of people supported removing the Ranger.

The debates are based on the legacy of the Texas Rangers.

For generations, the Rangers were an oppressive force that used violence against Mexicans, Mexican Americans, African Americans, and Native Americans. Much of this history is only now emerging causing a reexamination of the Rangers.

Since 1986, SAC has been designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution, with almost 60 percent of the student population Latinx. Students, many who are Latinx, started the conversation about the appropriateness of SAC Ranger mascot in light of the Texas Rangers’ documented violence against minorities.


Mascot Survey Results