Parental Engagement

The Office of Outreach & Recruitment Parental Network seeks to involve parents of elementary, middle, and high school children in the activities that San Antonio College offers to assist students to attend college.

Benefits of Joining the Parental Network:

  • Parents participate in the development of a Parent Academy to help them improve communication with their kids and to create college and financial aid readiness for their families.
  • Parents learn about SAC's resources available to them and their families.
  • Parents involve their kids in college activities.
  • Parents recruit other parents to participate in the Parental Network and grow the Parental Network.

How do parents join and participate in the Parental Network?

Please contact Nicole France at or by phone at 210-486-0947 for more information.

Parent Leadership Academy

The Parent Leadership Academy is a Collaborative Partnership between San Antonio College, Outreach & Recruitment Department, SAISD, Family Engagement Department, and the Education Service Center-Region 20, Family Engagement Department.

The purpose of the Parent Leadership Academy (PLA) is:

  • To teach parents, guardians & caregivers leadership skills to empower them in the education of their children and families.
  • To connect parents to educational and community resources.
  • Teach parents how to understand the school system to advocate for their families (elementary, middle and high school, and higher education).
  • Teach parental engagement skills.
  • Teach parents how to promote the Parent Leadership Academy and recruit new parents.

Core Values of PLA:

  • Parent Leadership Sustainability
  • Parent Advocacy for Education