Registration Question & Answers

April 16, 2020

I selected a term for registration, but ACES is saying I need to re-apply for Admissions. Is this correct?

You may have selected CE Spring 2022. This will prompt you to re-apply for admissions. Scroll down the list of terms and select either Spring 2022. As long as you are an active student and you select the correct term, you should not have to re-apply for admissions.

Where can I find my Assigned Advisor?

Visit "My Page" on ACES to view "My Advisor".

If you do not have an Assigned Advisor, email and include your Name, Banner ID and major and Advising staff will follow-up with you.

How do I obtain my Advising PIN?

Click here for Advisng PIN FAQs. 

Contact your Assigned Advisor, located in your GPS digital degree plan. Or, you can email Include your Name, Banner ID and a request for your Advising PIN. Advising staff will follow-up with you.

Can I register for the second level of a class, if I am still enrolled in the first level?

It is possible. If you are registered in the pre-requisite course, contact your the academic department associated with the course for registration assistance.

The class I want to take has a red note that indicates This is An Alamo IM Direct Course. What does this mean?

Alamo IM Direct Course means the course offers low to no-cost digital materials for the course. Check with the professor or instructor of the course for more details.

Can I be added in to a full course?

Once a course is full, it is at capacity and students cannot be added in to the course unless there is a waitlist option. Selecting the waitlist option does not guarantee your access to the class. 

I am a SAC student. Can I register for a class at another Alamo College?

Yes. Now that you are part of the Alamo Colleges system, you can take a course at any of the Alamo Colleges. However, if you plan to graduate from San Antonio College, it is important to speak to your Advisor about the maximum number of courses you can take at another Alamo College.

Who do I speak to if I need assistance with the enrollment process?

Incoming students are able to speak with a certified enrollment coach at the Welcome Center. For more information, click here

I need guidance in the enrollment process, do you have a checklist I can follow?



Do I need to complete every step on the enrollment checklist if I have previously attended college before?

If you have more than 15 college credit hours you could potentially be exempt from some enrollment steps.

Please verify applicable steps when you meet with your certified enrollment coach.