Academic Success Student Workshops


Appointments for a one-on-one workshop with a tutor can be made by submitting a request to, calling 210-486-0165, or stopping by the lab's front service desk. Please indicate which workshop you are interested in and at what time you would be available.  Our staff will check to see if any of our tutors are free at the requested time.

The Academic Success Center offers a variety of workshops to help students succeed -- APA & MLA formatting, Study Skills, Note Taking, Test Taking, Time & Stress Management just to name a few.  We are always looking to add new workshops to the list.  If there is a topic you would like to see covered, please email us at and we can look into having our tutors develop a workshop to address the topic.

Workshop Descriptions

Click on a workshop title to view a brief description of the workshop.

Accounting Review

One of our accounting tutors will review accounting concepts

APA Formatting

Learn the basics for citing sources and formatting research projects in accordance with APA guidelines.

Being Engaged on Campus

Learn about the different clubs, sports, and organizations at SAC and how participation can help you as a student.

Bouncing Back After Failing an Exam

Learn steps you can take to boost your grade after failing an exam. Identify why you failed the exam and how to prepare better for the next exam.

Calculating Your Grades

Learn how to calculate your current course grades; calculating your GPA; and calculating test grade needed to earn a particular letter grade.

Calculator Basics

Learn how to use the different functions of a scientific calculator.

Canvas Basics

Learn how to use Canvas – navigating the Canvas course; submitting assignments; posting to discussion boards.

Course Registration

Learn how to search for courses; add and drop classes; print your class schedule.

How to Study for Online Classes

In this workshop you will learn skills and tips that will be beneficial to you while taking online classes. This presentation will help you feel confident and ready to conquer your online studies. The presentation is also conducted in Spanish.

Learning Styles

Learn about the different learning styles; how to identify your learning style preferences; how to use your learning styles to study

Math Anxiety

Learn what math anxiety is and how to identify it in yourself. Learn strategies for overcoming math anxiety and become a better math student

Microsoft Excel Basics

Learn some of the basics of using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word Basics

Learn some of the basics of using Microsoft Word

MLA Formatting

Learn the basics for citing sources and formatting research projects in accordance with MLA guidelines.

Non-traditional Students

Learn about the services available at San Antonio College for non-traditional students.

Note Taking Skills

Learn different techniques and approaches that can be used to taking neat and organized notes in class

Resume Writing

Learn techniques for creating a resume that presents you in a professional manner and highlights your skills.

Sleep Better

Learn about sleep in relation to the college experience, the causes and consequences of sleepiness, and short-term/long-term changes that can be made to improve one’s quality of sleep.

Study Skills

Learn various study styles and learning strategies to help you study smarter and succeed in your classes. Learn about setting up a proper learning environment when studying and choosing the best time to study.

Test Taking Skills

Learn specific methods how to prepare for tests more efficiently; Receive strategies for test preparation, as well as test-taking tips to implement during and after the assessment.

Ti-84 Graphing Calculator
Time/Stress Management

Learn techniques to be pro-active in planning your time effectively to avoid feeling stressed. Accurately estimating the necessary weekly hours for studying.


Last Updated: October 18, 2023