Non-Traditional Student Club


The purpose of the Non-traditional Student Club is to promote and provide support, encouragement, and assistance for students attending San Antonio College as well as larger issues affecting non-traditional students in the student community.  The club will offer leadership and learning opportunities to assist students in the process of pursuing an education. The Non-Traditional Student Club will also establish a safe place for students to organize for educational support and to learn about the various resources available at San Antonio College.

What is a Non-Traditional Student?

A Non-Traditional Student may be working full time, first generation college student, and returning to college after five years or more, single parent, GED graduate and/or been out of high school or college for five years or more.

Open to all SAC students, enrolled in at least six (6) hours.

 For More Information Please Contact:

The Empowerment Center at 210-486-0455
Maria Jimenez at