Women in Non-Traditional Occupations (WINTO)

What is Women in Non-Traditional Occupations (WINTO)?

Women in Non-Traditional Occupations (WINTO) help:

  • overcome the obstacles of entering a male dominated career,
  • provide leadership opportunities,
  • meet and network with employers
  • and make a smooth transition from the classroom into the workplace.

We provide a variety of services and activities for students enrolled in programs nontraditional for their gender in an effort to inform, recruit, and help student's succeed as they work towards their non-traditional career goals.

Why do I want to be a member?

We ensure that every female student enrolled in nontraditional occupations is helped to:

  • realize their capability for learning,
  • raise their qualifications
  • and follow pathways tailored to their aptitudes and aspirations.

We aim to provide a ticket to successful adult and working life.

How do I become a member?

Any female student interested in joining are encouraged to:

  • enroll in a non-traditional occupational career trade,
  • seeking a non-traditional employment
  • and want to succeed towards a non-traditional career goal.

For more information contact

  • Director: Dr. Marie-Michelle Saint Hubert
  • E-mail: msainthubert@alamo.edu
  • Location: SPC Southwest Campus, 800 Quintana Road,
    Building #1, Room C153G
  • Phone: 210-486-7111