Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Proficiency Profile Exam

In alignment with best practices, the ETS Proficiency Profile exam is used by St. Philip’s College to assess student reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking skills. St. Philip’s College’s primary goal for use of this instrument is to improve student learning through awareness of current skill levels and identification of skill areas that need improvement. Student results are used to meet accrediting and regulatory agency requirements, to benchmark performance and to determine educational program effectiveness.

The Office of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment administers the exam each fall term to students enrolled in online and face-to-face courses randomly selected for assessment. Faculty teaching the courses are notified of selection and are responsible for communicating requirements to students and for ensuring that students comply with the assessment.

Student Testing Instructions:

You may access the ETS Proficiency Profile via your personal computer at the following link where you will run a system check and download the ETS online testing browser according to instructions provided.

Before logging in and beginning the assessment, please read through the step-by-step instructions and the General ETS/PP Procedures.

Instructions for Students Taking the ETS Proficiency Profile Exam
(Abbreviated Form C for Unproctored Online Administration)

  1. Review the “General ETS/PP Procedures" Print off a copy of these instructions to refer to while taking the assessment.
    • Please note: The ETS/PP is a timed assessment. If you do not complete the ETS/PP in the designated time, a message box will display and the assessment will automatically be scored. You will not have the opportunity to review your work. Make sure you monitor the time remaining by checking the timer in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to the ETS/PP Student Login site:
    • Please note: Close all open applications except Internet Explorer before accessing the site. You will need to perform the Site Readiness Steps (System Check and Download Browser) which are outlined under System Requirements and Computer Setup. If you are unable to resolve browser or system issues, please contact the St. Philip’s College Office of Distance Learning (210-486-2239) to make arrangements to take the test in one of their labs.
  3. Enter the Test Session Number. If you are logging in for the first time, enter your e-mail address on the Login screen. Click on the radio button next to “No, I have not logged in before” and then click Submit.
  4. Complete your personal profile. Review the “Completing the Personal Profile” section for more details.
    • Please note: Type in your Banner ID Number in the field labeled “ID Number.” Don't know your Banner ID? Call SPC IT at 210-486-2777 or District IT at 210-486-0555 to find out your Banner ID.
  5. Click “Start Online” after completing the personal profile section. You will then be given the opportunity to complete a tutorial and sample assessment to better familiarize yourself with the format of the test. Click “End” once you have completed the sample assessment. Click “OK” on the dialog box that appears to confirm that you are finished with the sample assessment. (Review the “Completing the Tutorial and Sample Assessment” section for more details.)
  6. Click “Next” to begin the ETS/PP. (Review the “Starting the Actual Timed Assessment” section for more details.)
    • Please note: Under no circumstances should the “Exit” button be used until you are ready to submit your assessment for scoring.
  7. Click “Exit” once you have completed the ETS/PP. You will be asked to complete a few questions regarding your experience taking the ETS/PP. These are optional and will not affect your score.
  8. Click on the link under the “Completed Tests” heading to view your score. You will be given the option to print your scores for your own records and to provide to your instructor with verification that you have taken the exam. Review the “ETS/PP Scoring Guide” to determine how well you performed versus other students who have taken the ETS/PP.
  9. Click “Logout” to exit the administration window and conclude the assessment. You’re all done!

Contact Information

Coordinator of Measurement and Evaluation:
Sonia Valdez, B.A.A.S.
MLK Sutton Learning Center (SLC),
Suite 319