TCCTA Memberships

The Texas Community College Teachers Association is now accepting memberships for the 2019 - 2020 academic year.

The Association, which is not a union, provides educator support at the Texas Legislature and several workshops that include:

  • Great Teacher Round-Up
  • Leading from the Middle
  • Faculty Leaders
  • Annual Convention
  • The Texas Network

The TCCTA membership costs are listed below. In addition to your membership, you also have the option of adding Liability Insurance for an additional $45.00.

The liability insurance is recommended for members as well. 

Membership Types:

Professional Membership – $45

  • Instructional full-time
  • Administrative
  • Retired professional (with voting privileges)

Associate Membership – $35

  • Instructional part-time (adjunct)
  • Retired associate (no voting privileges)
  • Unaffiliated (friend of the association)

TCCTA is an independent and autonomous association, not affiliated with any other state or national organization. According to its constitution, TCCTA is dedicated “to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and the advancement of education in the community, junior, and technical colleges of Texas.”

TCCTA is a professional association. The Association receives wide acclaim for its fairness, integrity, and professionalism in representing the interests of its members and their colleges.

Become a Member today!
Nina McGrath is the St. Philip's College State Representative for the Texas Community College Teachers Association. Please contact her at 210-486-2704 or email at