Planning, Research, and Effectiveness

Welcome to St. Philip's College Department of Planning, Research, and Effectiveness Web Page. Here you will find data and information about our Institution.


Our Mission is to:

  • Provide members of the college, community, city, state and national governing entities with the most concise, accurate, meaningful data and information for statistical reference, accountability, evaluation, planning and policy formation.
  • Provide leadership for accreditation requirements and institutional reporting obligations.
  • Guide, support and provide expertise for the planning and evaluation processes and activities throughout the college.

We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Providing a professional, customer oriented atmosphere.
  • Serving as consultants and trainers for staff, faculty and other customers in methods of gathering, analyzing and evaluating data.
  • Continually improving on processes while maintaining the highest level of quality.


The Department of Planning, Research, and Effectiveness provides numerous services for the college, district and community. The services provided by this office includes the following:

  • Survey research design
  • Custom and ad-hoc studies
  • Standard and miscellaneous reports and requests
  • Research consultation
  • Survey research training
  • Planning methods and evaluation
  • Federal, State, and Local agency reporting

Strategic Plan

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Contact Information

Maria Hinojosa, Ed. D.
MLK Sutton Learning Center (SLC),
Suite 319
Statistical Research Specialist:
Rhonda Johnson, B.A.
MLK Sutton Learning Center (SLC),
Suite 319
Coordinator of Measurement and Evaluation:
Sonia Valdez, B.A.A.S.
MLK Sutton Learning Center (SLC),
Suite 319
Administrative Assistant:
Shanna Bradford, M.A.
MLK Sutton Learning Center (SLC),
Suite 319