Cardiac Sonography

Program Level: Certificates
Department: Health and Biosciences
Institute: Health & Biosciences
College: SPC

What is the Cardiac Sonography program?

Cardiac Sonography (Echocardiography) is a diagnostic medical imaging specialty that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce dynamic visual images of the heart and great vessels.

The Cardiac Sonography program prepares individuals to operate as a Cardiac Sonographer (i.e. Echocardiographer), to aid in the diagnosis of congenital heart disease, valvular disease, pericardial diseases, and other cardiovascular issues.

Program Goal: 

To prepare Cardiac Sonography students with the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to safely operate as entry-level, cardiac sonographers. 

What will I learn?

Cardiac Sonographers (Echocardiographers) evaluate cardiac function and output, anatomic size, shape and motion of internal cardiac structures; assess physiological changes that may affect normal hemodynamic pressure and cardiovascular blood flow; and operate/troubleshoot diagnostic equipment to support Cardiologists in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease.

What can I do with this course of study?

Graduates of the Cardiac Sonography ATC Program are eligible to take the Registered Cardiac Sonography (RCS) credentialing exam through Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI). The RCS credential, ensures graduates entering the workforce have the competency and understanding necessary to safely perform echocardiography examinations.

What's special about the program?

The Cardiac Sonography ATC Program targets healthcare science students/graduates (including, but not limited to, invasive cardiovascular technology, ultrasound, radiologic technology, respiratory therapy, or nursing).
Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Program graduates will receive priority acceptance, when applying for the Cardiac Sonography Program.


Program Outcomes 


Admissions and Prerequisite Requirements

Admissions Requirements:
By submitting an application packet, an individual verifies that he/she has

  • Read the web page
  • Obtained all necessary, current/valid documents
  • Understood the procedures to be followed for admission into the Cardiac Sonography Program.

Prerequisite Requirements:

  • Academic- See below
  • Videoconference Interview
  • Application to the program is required.

All applicants must complete all requirements PRIOR to submitting applications.

Academic prerequisites:

  • Graduate of an accredited program Invasive Cardiovascular Technology or Diagnostic Medical Sonography program –OR –
  • Graduate of an accredited program in Radiography Technology, Respiratory Care Technology, or Registered Nursing within 5 years.

All academic courses in the Health Science discipline(s) must be completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or greater.

Effective Fall 2013, and based on new federal regulations, students are not allowed to repeat previously passed courses more than once." It is the student's responsibility to check with the Office of Student Financial Services to inquire how a repeat course may impact their financial aid or veteran's assistance.

Interview (Panel interview will be conducted via ZOOM (cloud-based audio/video conferencing platform). Applicants selected for the interview will be notified via St. Philip's College email. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance/non-acceptance to the program via St. Philip's College email.

It is required that all Cardiac Sonography Program applicants follow the steps outlined below. Unsuccessful completion of all items within the mandated time frame will preclude the application and therefore the application will not be considered for admission review.

  • Meeting criteria for selection does not guarantee admission to the program. Final selection will be based on the applicant pool and space available.
  • All applicants must meet and/or complete all the course prerequisites prior to submitting applications.
  • Completed application packets for the program must be submitted and postmarked by United States Postal Service no later than June 1st. No "walk-in" or emailed applications will be accepted for the following fall semester.

THECB Statutory Requirement

Application and Selection Process

 Application Process:


  1. Review all items on the website to assure complete understanding of all requirements, as well as providing all required forms.
  2. Download the Cardiac Sonography Application form and complete.
  3. Obtain OFFICIAL transcripts from ALL educational institutions to include St. Philip's College and/or other Alamo Colleges. These transcripts must validate that the overall GPA is a 2.7 or higher and Health Science courses with a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

Applications accepted NOW - July 1st.  

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Selection Process:

The competitive application and acceptance process is based on a weighted point system.

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Contact Information

Interim Program Director:

Benjamin Ochoa, BS, RCIS, RCS
MLK Center for Health Professions (CHP), 330H