Achieve the Dream!

St. Philip's College as a member of the Alamo Colleges is participating in Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count. This is a multi-year initiative that addresses a national imperative: increasing the success of underserved students at community colleges.

The initiative is funded by Lumina Foundation for Education and managed by MDC Inc. Other national partners include the American Association of Community Colleges, Community College Leadership Program - University of Texas at Austin, Community College Research Center - Teachers College - Columbia University, Futures Project - Brown University, Jobs for the Future, MDRC and Public Agenda.

SPC Student Academic Success Team Members

  • Randall Dawson, Vice President for Academic Success
  • Diane Hester, Interim Vice President of Student Success
  • Michael Grillo, Ph.D., Interim Dean for Academic Success, Arts & Sciences
  • Meagan Sovine, Ph.D., Interim Department Chair, Communications & Learning
  • Renita Mitchell, Department Chair, Mathematics

Project Resources

Research Briefs

  1. Cohort Demographics
  2. Developmental Education
  3. Persistence and Academic Success
  4. Graduation
  5. Gatekeeper Courses
  6. CCSSE Results
  7. Developmental Math Progression
  8. Tutoring Success
  9. Developmental Math Lab Success
  10. Five-Year Update - Developmental Math
  11. Five-Year Update - Developmental English
  12. Five-Year Update - Developmental Reading
  13. Success by Ethnicity – Developmental Math
  14. Success by Ethnicity – Developmental English
  15. Success by Ethnicity – Developmental Reading