2021 CultureFest & Rib Cook-off

Date: June 17–27, 2021

Location: Virtual

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26th Annual CultureFest & Rib Cook-off

(Virtual Events)

Join us as we celebrating our 26th annual CultureFest and Rib Cook-Off, an official Fiesta® San Antonio event virtually. We hosting several virtual events leading to a live stream of our Rib Cook-off winners.

Grill Raffle

May 31-July 21, 2021

A grill and Cowboy grill (made by the Institute 4 Welding Club) will be raffled off to raise funds for student scholarships. Tickets purchased through Alamo Marketplace.

Grill-01-320x250.jpg Grill-02-320x250.jpg Grill-03-320x250.jpg Grill-04-320x250.jpg

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Fiesta Show Your Medals Contest

June 17-23, 2021

SPC community (employees/students/Alums) and District employees can post pictures wearing sashes, jackets, etc. with their Fiesta medals. Prizes for SPC employees/students and Alumni. Submit on June 14-16, displayed June 17-23, and winners will be announced on June 24.

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CultureFest/Fiesta Reflection Activity

June 17-27, 2021

What's your favorite Fiesta event? Name your favorite Fiesta foods and why? We invite the SPC community (employees/students/Alums) and District employees to share their Fiesta favs. They will register the pic on AlamoExperience then post the pic on Instagram or Facebook.

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CultureFest Rib Cook-Off

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Rib competitors will provide samples of beef and/or pork ribs. Culinary Students will dress the ribs and give them to the celebrity and student judges. The judges will determine the overall winners, and the students will determine the Student’s Choice award. Trophies will be distributed to winners. Follow Us on Facebook to see our live stream of the winners.

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