The goal of the STEMed Project is to recruit, retain, and provide Math acceleration for veteran students and first time in college (FTIC) students from developmental math to college-level math to optimize degree completion time. Students face many challenges to post-secondary educational success and unfortunately, only a small percentage of students enroll and succeed in STEM courses. The STEMed Project will address this need for low entry students to improve their pathway to successful STEM education. The activities of this project include the AMP program using the interactive, artificial intelligence platform Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) and methods such as modular curriculum, emporium model instruction, and mentoring. 

Qualified students may receive a laptop with Maple software upon successful completion of the entire AMP Program. Qualified students may also receive up to $1000 scholarship. Please contact the project director for more details.

Annual NSF Report for STEMed Project

Contact Information

STEMed Project Director:
Jessica LopezMathematics Instructor
MLK Davis Science Building (SCI), 108L