The Alamo Colleges is working with Connect2Compete, a national nonprofit, to provide students and employees low-cost computers and free or low cost Internet service, along with the hardware and the digital skills to effectively and safely use the Internet. Depending on home location, you may qualify for fast free service or a discounted high-speed Internet data plan. Low-cost computers are also being offered.

What is Connect2Compete?

Connect2Compete (C2C) is a national nonprofit initiative, aiming to bring students and families online by providing fast free service or discounted high-speed Internet, low-cost refurbished computers and free digital literacy training to students nationwide.

Who is eligible for high-speed Freedom Pop Internet through C2C?

Students and employees of the Alamo Colleges who live in the coverage zone.  Please visit to learn more.

Where and when will the C2C offer be available?

The fast and high-speed Internet offers through Freedom Pop are available immediately

How do I apply for the FreedomPop high-speed Internet service through C2C?
Alamo College students and employees may apply online by visiting 
How fast is the home Internet service offered as part of C2C?

FreedomPop provides home Internet service download speeds of at least 1Mbps and upload speeds of 384Kbps.

What forms of payment are accepted for the Internet offer?

FreedomPop accepts credit, debit and pre-paid cards with the Visa, Mastercard, or American Express logo.

Are there offers for discounted computers included in the program?

Students and employees of Alamo Colleges are eligible to purchase the discounted desktop offer ($150) or laptop ($199).  Call toll free1-800-378-6897 or go to for more information.

Are students and employees required to take both the computer and Internet offer?

No. Students and employees can choose whether they would like to take both of the offers, or just one, at the time of purchase

What type of computer is offered through C2C and what kind of software does it have?

Software Details: 
Desktops and laptops come with Windows 7 Professional operating system, Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student Edition, full administrative support, and free end-user technical support and online software support through Microsoft.
Computer Details:

  • A minimum of an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 processor, 2GB RAM and 80 GB hard drive, DVD player, Wireless Internet card and Ethernet card.
  • The laptop has a 14.1” screen and comes with Microsoft XP Pro installed.
  • The desktop has a 17” LCD monitor and includes a new keyboard and mouse

Apply Online

Apply online by visiting by calling toll free 1-877-848-2810