Graduate Spotlight: Gerardo Ramirez

May 3, 2022

042122 Graduate Spotlight Gerardo Ramirez TX FAME JR 01.jpgMeet Gerardo, a devoted husband and father receiving an Associate of Applied Science in Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Gerardo will be graduating as part of the Texas Federation for Advanced Manufacturing (TX FAME) program. 

Through sponsorship by his current employer, Toyotetsu Texas, Gerardo has earned while furthering his skills through apprenticeship-style training.

The opportunity was offered to Gerardo as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The surge in shutdowns led to the temporary closure of the manufacturing plant, leaving employees like Gerardo with opportunities to return to school and advance their skills.  

Gerardo has worked with Toyotetsu Texas for almost five years in the shipping and receiving department. With a degree in hand, he hopes to combine his technical degree and Master’s in Business Administration to move up in management. 

Although Gerardo has a strong interest in manufacturing, his passion for economics and finance has led him to serve as a mentor in retirement and investments. He enjoys speaking with young adults on ways to achieve early retirement by asset building.

He advises students to be open to opportunities that enhance the college experience and seek programs that support students financially. “The money is always there, it is a matter of looking for scholarships or sponsorship available through employers”, said Gerardo . 

Gerardo is one of nineteen students completing the TX FAME in Advanced Manufacturing program this Spring. 

Spring 2022 Commencement
Friday, May 13, 2022
Freeman Coliseum
7:00 PM

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