SPC honor student receives Women United Childcare Scholarship

July 24, 2019

Office of Public Relations


St. Philip’s College student engaged with some of the college’s premiere scholarship programs is the recent recipient of an additional scholarly honor. Anita Helmkamp, a second-year baking and pastry arts student, is also a work-study in the Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts department. Helmkamp’s most recent achievements include participating in a long-term art exhibition, volunteering to prep food for the 2019 Cowboy Breakfast, and receiving a $13,000 Women United Childcare Scholarship award from United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County.

Here are some Q&As to get to know her better:

Q: What is your work-life like in real-time?

A: I am a stay at home mom with three children of school age and I attend full-time classes. My husband is a traveling medical laboratory technician. He goes to different state hospitals and does the job needed for about three-to-six months at a time. He started this job in May of 2018 in Ohio, then Missouri, and now Pennsylvania. My husband works out of state, so when I am not in class or working as a work-study student, I am at home with my children, which is a full-time job in its own.

Q: How are your parents involved in your life as a scholar?

A: My parents are beyond proud of me and can’t wait for my graduation. When I told them that I plan to go back to St. Philip’s College for a second degree, they were excited. My parents, Jimmy and Frances Rodriguez, are very much involved in my family’s life. They do all that they can to support us, like watching my children so that my husband and I can have date night. Sometimes if they know I have a lot of studying to do, they will offer to take my children out for fun so that I can study. My dad was in the military and we were stationed at Fort Hood. My husband and parents support my decision to attend St. Philip’s College for another year and half, and will continue to help in any way possible so that I succeed. I couldn’t do it without them.

Q: How are faculty and colleagues involved in your life as a scholar?

A: The support that I get from my “Chefs” on campus is heartwarming. They (faculty and staff members) are all supportive in my decision and know the challenges that I am doing through personally. Chef Kris Goloby nominated me for the Les Dames d’Escoffier scholarship, Chef Patrick Brown and Chef Frances Rocha are always willing to write recommendation letters on my behalf, Chef Frank Salinas, department chair, informed me of the Lo Bello scholarship, and Chef Costello informed me of the Mission Restaurant Supply scholarship. I am truly grateful to be attending a college that really wants their students to succeed to the fullest.

Q: Let’s talk scholarships at the community college level for a minute. You have earned several very competitive scholarships from local organizations, including a Tom Sandoval LULAC Rey Feo Parent-Child Scholarship In partnership with LULAC Council #2 and the Alamo Colleges District Foundation, correct?

A: Yes, I have and I am grateful. The LULAC parent-child scholarship I have been awarded is great not only for me, but even greater for my youngest child. Part of the scholarship is for children six and younger. My daughter is now able to attend any of the Alamo Colleges tuition-free for up to two years after her high school graduation. I was able to receive LULAC scholarship funds for both fall and spring semesters. 

Q: How did you become aware of scholarship resources from the local United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County?

A: My LULAC contact [Alamo Colleges District employee] Bertha Castellanos referred me to United Way, who worked with me in making sure that I didn’t lose my chance to use the scholarship since I am unable to start using it until my summer courses began.

Q: Your fine arts and hospitality industry skills have been on display in San Antonio. Can you address those?

A: I was part of the team that supported the St. Philip’s College Scholarship Golf Tournament that raises funds for scholars at our college. An edible display of golf and scholarship-themed cupcakes was done by our Decorating 1 class for the event at The Republic Golf Club during the college’s 120th anniversary celebration. The golf cart cake, at the same tournament, was co-designed and personally made by me and a fellow student. Earlier this year, my fine arts teacher selected my work for the Cevallos Lofts Presents project. That’s a St. Philip’s College group show called East X South and our work is on display at Cevallos Lofts through 2020, when I’ll be an alumnus pursuing my next degree at St. Philip’s College.

Information about scholarships available at St. Philip’s College is updated throughout the year at www.alamo.edu/spc/admissions/pay-for-college/scholarships.

(Source: United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County)