AlamoPROMISE ensures that tuition and fees at the Alamo Colleges are covered for seniors graduating in 2020 from one of the 25 participating high schools. Your student will also receive our guidance and support navigating college and a career path.

An Associate Degree Means a $9,400 Earnings Increase

Students in classThe average associate degree graduate from the Alamo Colleges District — the largest provider of higher education in South Texas — will experience a $9,400 earnings increase each year compared to a high school graduate in Texas. Through achieving a degree, your student will receive a stream of higher future earnings that will continue to grow throughout their working lives.

There are two main factors that hold students back from pursuing a college education: affordability and accessibility. The AlamoPROMISE program aims to remove those factors by providing seniors graduating from Bexar County high schools with free tuition for 60 semester credit hours to any of the five colleges in the Alamo Colleges Family.

As last-dollar funding, AlamoPROMISE covers the gap between financial aid and the cost of college tuition for up to three years. 100% of tuition and mandatory fees will be covered. Household income does not disqualify your student and because we know after high school plans sometimes change, students are not locked into a commitment.

For fall 2020, the program is open to all seniors graduating from one of the 25 participating high schools with their diploma who are Bexar County residents eligible for in-district tuition. By the fall of 2021, the AlamoPROMISE program will also be available to all students graduating with a diploma from an additional 20 participating high schools.