AlamoPROMISE covers the cost of tuition at the Alamo Colleges. The Fall 2020 semester starts August 24th. Register for classes today!

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The AlamoPROMISE program makes college more accessible to graduating seniors by providing the support necessary to earn a certificate or associate's degree at one of the five Alamo Colleges: Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, San Antonio College, and St. Philip's College.

Update for Fall 2020 Incoming AlamoPROMISE Scholars

To date, we have been in communication with over 5,000 AlamoPROMISE scholars who have completed their AlamoPROMISE eligibility steps and are on their way to #JoinThePROMISE.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of the first-ever class of the AlamoPROMISE Program. 

Additional time will be provided in the fall semester to complete your Career Exploration Camp and Summer Bridge. Register today to complete New Student Orientation online and get registered for classes.

For more information, log into your ACES account for updates on your records. Your college's Welcome Center is available to guide you through the process. For questions or assistance with the next steps, please contact your college below:

Northeast Lakeview College

Northwest Vista College
Palo Alto College


St. Philip’s College


San Antonio College


Key Dates:

Register for Classes

August 16, 2020

Fall Semester Classes Begin

August 24, 2020


Fall 2020 Enrolled AlamoPROMISE Scholars

Once you are enrolled at one of the Alamo Colleges, you can maintain your eligibility by:

  • Once enrolled, AlamoPROMISE Scholars must complete at least 18 credit hours per academic year (minimum of 9 hours per semester), complete Career Exploration Camp and the Summer Bridge Program and maintain continuous enrollment.
  • To remain eligible, scholars must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and remain in Satisfactory Academic Progress. AlamoPROMISE scholars are eligible for the program for up to three years or the completion of an associate’s degree (whichever occurs first).

Career Exploration Camp:

Career Exploration Camp for AlamoPROMISE provides the opportunity for all incoming Scholars to discover career interests and explore high-wage, high-demand industries in our region. All AlamoPROMISE Scholars are required to complete a Career Exploration Camp before the Fall 2020 semester.

New Student Orientation is ongoing at each of the Alamo Colleges and offered online with Career Exploration Camp.

Summer Bridge Program:

The Summer Bridge program for AlamoPROMISE ensures that incoming Scholars are ready for success.

AlamoPROMISE Scholars with a grade point average below 80 and Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) scores below college-readiness standards will need to complete Summer Bridge: Math or Summer Bridge: English before the Fall 2020 semester. Summer Bridge: English will be provided on a case by case basis, please contact your home college for more information on offerings. The Summer Bridge Math or English courses will prepare you to be successful in your college-level classes in the Fall.

AlamoPROMISE Scholars with a high school grade point average below 80 and TSIA scores above college-readiness standards will participate in the Summer Bridge: Accelerator.

Students participating in the Summer Bridge: Accelerator will receive information about their home campus, additional support services and other programs provided specific to their home campus, and may include virtual campus tours, additional career advising, assistance with Scholarship and grant applications, financial aid and financial literacy presentations, disability services, and programs they may participate in during their Freshman year.


Available Technology

At the Alamo Colleges District, we are here to help.

We understand access to technology is an important tool for your success, and we want you to know as an AlamoPROMISE scholar you automatically qualify for a loaner laptop and an internet hotspot with free high-speed capability.

The IT Help Desk at your college is ready to help you access technology resources.

Contact your College's IT Help Desk:

Northeast Lakeview College


Northwest Vista College


Palo Alto College


St. Philip's College


San Antonio College


District Support Operations



Future AlamoPROMISE Scholars (entering in fall 2021)

Information coming soon!