Current ALAMOPROMISE Scholars


Congratulations on joining the PROMISE!

Now that you’re enrolled and attending classes, we want to help you finish strong and move into the workforce with credentials and qualifications that employers’ value most. As an AlamoPROMISE scholar, it is important to stay connected through your ACES e-mail for updates.


Important Information for Cohort 1 AlamoPROMISE Scholars

To support your success at the Alamo Colleges and beyond, we want you to maintain your AlamoPROMISE Scholar status. In order to keep your AlamoPROMISE Scholar status, please note the following eligibility criteria:

  • To ensure progress to degree or certificate completion, AlamoPROMISE Scholars are highly encouraged to complete at least 18 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters (minimum of 9 hours per semester). Remember: AlamoPROMISE covers up to three years (six consecutive semesters Fall and Spring semesters) or the completion of an associate’s degree or certificate, whichever comes first.

  • AlamoPROMISE Scholars must maintain continuous enrollment for up to six consecutive Fall and Spring semesters (does not include Summer). AlamoPROMISE students may take classes during the Summer; however, other sources of funding such as Summer Momentum Program, Scholarships or other aid will need to be used as AlamoPROMISE last-dollar funding does not apply for summer terms. For more information related to scholarships please click here.

  • AlamoPROMISE Scholars must remain in Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
    • Note: The Alamo Colleges District checks SAP every year after Spring grades are posted. This includes maintaining a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

  • AlamoPROMISE Scholars must maintain Financial Aid eligibility.
    • Cohort 1 Scholars should submit the continuation FAFSA or TASFA for 2021-2022 by March 26th, 2021.  It is important to regularly check the ACES portal for updates on financial aid status and submit any additional requested documents that may be required to complete financial aid files. The ACES portal can be accessed here. For help with any Financial Aid documents, please email promise_finaid@alamo.eduor call (210) 212-5266. 

  • AlamoPROMISE Scholars must pursue Courses in their Program of Study (CPOS) in order to follow federal requirements. Scholars should always reference their official degree plan and course catalog to determine what courses count toward their degree. For specific questions about what counts toward their degree, Scholars may contact their academic advisor.

  • Complete any other program requirements communicated by the AlamoPROMISE Program Office via the official student ACES email account. 

Note: For Cohort 1 AlamoPROMISE Scholars, participation in Career Exploration Camp and Summer Bridge was extended through the Fall 2021 semester. We recognize there are many competing obligations in the pandemic environment; therefore, if Career Exploration Camp or Summer Bridge was not completed, this will not affect continuation as an AlamoPROMISE Scholar.

We are here to help!

If there are concerns about meeting any requirements, students should work with their Certified Academic Advisor for exception consideration and a plan for continued success. The AlamoPROMISE Program Office is also available to assist with any questions at

AlamoPROMISE Scholars not meeting the requirements may be subject to having their AlamoPROMISE revoked for the subsequent semester.

Any notices regarding a change in AlamoPROMISE Scholar status will be communicated by the AlamoPROMISE Program Office to the official student ACES email account.


Financial Aid and AlamoPROMISE

As an AlamoPROMISE scholar you must maintain Financial Aid eligibility.  This includes submitting and completing your financial aid application --  FAFSA / TASFA -- every year you are enrolled at the Alamo Colleges. The FAFSA/TASFA opens October 1st, and continuing AlamoPROMISE scholars should submit by March 26th. 

After the submission of your FAFSA/TASFA application, check your ACES account to confirm your FAFSA or TASFA application has been verified and all requirements have been met. In order to ensure your continued AlamoPROMISE status and timely awarding, please submit any additional documentation requested the Priority Date of May 1, 2021. 

Any outstanding financial aid documents will be requested through the student portal, ACES

Steps to complete Verification:

  • Log into ACES
  • Check the 'Financial Aid Checklist' section of ‘My Page’ for unsatisfied financial aid requirements
  • Complete all PDF(s)/DocuSign/other documents requested and Submit them according to the instructions provided:         
    • You may also be asked to follow a URL link to the ProVerifier+ student portal and sign in with your email address.
    • If directed to the ProVerifier+ student portal, make sure to check and complete all document requests in both the ProVerifier+ AND your ACES student portals. - The Alamo Colleges District is using the ProVerifier+ system to assist you with the verification process. The automated ProVerifier+ system communicates directly with the IRS on behalf of you and/or your parent(s) to obtain official IRS tax transcripts, saving a tremendous amount of time and effort as well as ensuring the correct documents for the correct year are requested. You and/or your parent(s) will only be required to electronically complete and eSign an IRS Form 4506-T/C Form and a Verification worksheet – ProVerifier+ will do the rest!
For help with any Financial Aid documents:

Please email or call (210) 212-5266.  Financial Aid Sessions are also available for live help here.

If you have any concerns about Financial Aid and AlamoPROMISE Scholar Status, the AlamoPROMISE Program Office is also available to address questions at


Resources on-campus

As an AlamoPROMISE Scholar you have access to the following ecosystem of resources to help support your success. Some resources include: Laptop and Wi-Fi Hotspot check-out, student emergency aid, student food support from the San Antonio Food Bank, Housing and Rental Assistance programs, mental health counseling and other referrals for public assistance. Learn more about student resources here. Direct links are also provided below to other services available to our students:

Advocacy Centers provide services like job assistance, food security, clothing, childcare, utility assistance and counseling.  

Academic Advising
Career Resources & Services
Transfer Services
Experiential Learning
Tutoring Services