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I need to add a class.

Pell Grant awards can be paid out only one time during a semester based on official enrollment status.

  • Students who register for the regular 16 week semester and add courses before the 16 week census date will have the Pell payment increased.
  • Students who add courses after the census date will not receive a Pell payment increase and are responsible to cover charges. This includes Flex I and II.
  • Students who register for Flex I and II only after the 16 week census date must register for all courses before the Pell award credits and a refund check is issued.
  • If you register for Flex 2 only, all registration activity must be completed by the Flex 2 census date. Pell will not be increased for courses added after Flex 2 census.

I need to drop a class or a class was cancelled.

Dropping classes, for whatever reason, should always be avoided. Students who need to drop a class should consider:

  • doing so could require the student to pay back a portion or the entire amount of financial aid funds paid to them.
  • dropping classes will affect Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status and possibly future financial aid eligibility.

Students needing to drop a class should consult a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss how this will affect your SAP status or cause a potential overpayment or Return of Title IV Funds. 

How is my SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) eligibility affected by dropping a class?

All financial aid recipients are required to complete 67% of all courses attempted. Every time a student drops a class it affects the student's completion rate. Failure to maintain the 67% completion rate will result in the student being placed on Financial Aid Suspension.

Why will I owe money if I drop a class?

If you withdraw from classes or if a class gets cancelled for lack of enrollment, you may be required to pay back funds based on a reduced enrollment status. This is considered an OVERPAYMENT of federal funds. If funds are not paid back within 45 days, Alamo Colleges is required to report the overpayment to the US Department of Education and you will not be able to receive future aid until this overpayment is resolved.

I owe money for dropping a class. Do I make the payment at the Financial Aid office?

No, your payment should be made at your college's Business Office.