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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

About MAS

Mexican-American Studies, or better referred to as “MAS,” is a new field of study (FOS) at San Antonio College.   

MAS’s mission is to strengthen the next generation's knowledge of Mexican-American communities and to share that information widely.

Students who take MAS courses will develop the ability to work effectively with diverse populations, and will formulate a deep understanding of the Mexican-American culture, history, language and artistic expression.

What courses are offered within MAS? 

Course offerings will vary from semester to semester.

Beginning Fall 2016

  • Mexican-American History I (HIST 2327) 
  • Mexican-American Literature (ENGL 2351) 
  • Intermediate Spanish II (SPAN 2312) 
Beginning Spring 2017 
  • Mexican-American History II (HIST 2328)
  • Mexican-American Literature (ENGL 2351)
Possible future offerings: 
  • Introduction to MAS (HUMA 1305)
  • Mexican-American Politics (GOVT 2311)
  • Spanish for Native Speakers II (SPAN 2315)
  • Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation (HUMA 1311) 


What can you do with MAS? 

MAS courses prepare students for jobs in the fields of healthcare, social work, education, law, criminal justice, and business, all fields that will have to provide more and more services to the burgeoning Mexican-American population.

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree can take advantage of SAC’s existing articulation agreements with MAS programs at UTSA and OLLU.

In addition, MAS courses can lead to advanced degrees, including a Masters of Arts (M.A), Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.), Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.).  


Who is eligible to take courses with MAS? 

Current, new and returning students are invited to take courses within the MAS field of study.

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor and/or the MAS Coordinator for information about registering for MAS courses.


Contact Information

Ellen Marshall, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Mexican American Studies, Early Childhood Studies, Sociology, Social Work, and History
Location: Early Childhood Studies, Building 200
Phone: 210-486-0500

Dr. Lisa Ramos

MAS Office Location: Chance Academic Center, Room 100 

Steven A. Maldonado
Administrative Services Specialist
Mexican American Studies
(210) 486-0763
Location: CAC 100