Community College Futures Assembly Registration

Finalists will be invited to join the Bellwether College Consortium and register for the 2025 Community College Futures Assembly held in San Antonio.

Registration for the 2025 Community College Futures Assembly and the Bellwether Awards Ceremony will be opening soon.

All 2025 Bellwether Finalists are required to purchase a Bellwether College Consortium membership which includes three registrations to the Futures Assembly.

General Information: The Community College Futures Assembly features 30 community colleges deemed Bellwether Award Finalists from a large group of applicants in the United States and its territories. A rigorous selection process with two rounds of judging by peers and academicians in the field culminates with a day-long event of presentations by contenders for the Bellwether Award and follows with a half-day dedicated to the Bellwether Award Ceremony. The national competition brings a level of excellence that demonstrates the innovative spirit and results-driven mindset that exists among our finest community colleges.



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