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Welcome back to the Alamo Colleges!

If you began attending Alamo Colleges but needed a break, we are thrilled to have you back! Our five Alamo Colleges are here to make getting your degree possible with AlamoONLINE, on your time, anywhere!

As a former Alamo Colleges student, to ensure you experience a frictionless transition back, AlamoONLINE has a team of dedicated Enrollment Coaches who can:

  • Start the application process.
  • Guide you through registration for fully online courses.
  • Connect you to an advisor.
  • Refer you to services available to online students.


Come back today!

To speak with an Enrollment Coach, complete this form.

Steps for applying to Alamo Colleges

If you prefer to get started on your own with the application process, follow these step-by-step instructions for returning students.

Start your college application today

STEP 1: Find your online program.

Start your application process by visiting the search online offerings to view the various fully online programs and other offerings available at our five Alamo Colleges. Once you find an online offering, make a note of the College and the AlamoINSTITUTE, then proceed to the next step.

STEP 2: Apply for admission

If you have not been enrolled at one of the Alamo Colleges in more than a year, you will need to begin a new application. To apply for admission, visit If you intend to complete your degree exclusively online, then on the application, 1) select the College; 2) select the AlamoINSTITUTE; 3) check the study online box, located near the end of the form.

Please allow five days for processing.

STEP 3: Get help paying for college.

Step 3: Get help paying for college

Submit your Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) at For more information, visit our Financial Aid webpage.

For information about scholarships, visit our Alamo Colleges Foundation.

For military-affiliated students
Our five Alamo Colleges have a dedicated Veterans Affairs department designated to help you navigate the array of benefits unique to your military-affiliated status. For more information, contact your College's VA department.

Northeast Lakeview College

Northwest Vista College

Palo Alto College

St. Philip's College

San Antonio College

STEP 4: Log in to ACES.

Once you receive your Next Steps email, you can log in to ACES.

ACES is the online center for all your student information. You will be able to register for classes, review your financial aid, and pay your tuition. To log in, visit

You can find the login instructions on the ACES login page. If you have issues, please contact the helpdesk using the numbers listed on the ACES login page.

Once you get your Next Steps email, you can:

STEP 5: Submit transcripts and documents

Before you can register for classes, we require your official transcript. 

As a former student returning to one of our Alamo Colleges, you must submit the official transcript from your most recently attended colleges or universities.

Transcripts must be unopened and sealed in their original envelope for consideration or sent directly from the institution electronically.

For a complete list of addresses and electronic options, click on SUBMITTING A TRANSCRIPT.

STEP 6: Submit proof of bacterial meningitis.

All students, age 22 and younger, must submit proof of the bacterial meningitis vaccination. Students enrolled fully online are exempt and must complete a waiver for an exemption each semester.

To submit documentation, visit the Start Here tab in ACES and select "submit Bacterial Meningitis forms here.

STEP 7: Take your placement test and refreshers, if required

If you have previously taken your TSI placement test, you are not required to retake it. Take your TSI placement test to determine your placement in college-level math and writing.

You can take the TSI placement test at one of the Alamo Colleges with an appointment or online for an additional $25 fee from a third-party proctoring service.

To schedule your TSI at one of the Alamo Colleges, visit for specific college testing information.

Depending on your TSI test results, you may be required to take refresher courses.

STEP 8: Pay your bill (Returning)

Pay your tuition to reserve your classes. To avoid being dropped:

  • Make a full payment
  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • Set up an installment plan

Visit AlamoNAVIGATE and select “Pay your bill” for information on available payment options.

For military-affiliated students
All five Alamo Colleges have a dedicated Veterans Affairs department to ensure you receive the maximum amount of education benefit entitlement possible while still earning the online degree you want. For more information, contact your college's VA department.

Northeast Lakeview College

Northwest Vista College

Palo Alto College

St. Philip's College

San Antonio College

Steps to register 

To add or drop online classes

Follow these steps. If you need assistance along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to your:

Alamo College's Academic Advising Center

  1. Log in to the ACES Portal with your Username and Password.

    ACES Portal

    For assistance logging into ACES, please call our IT Helpdesk at 210-485-0555

  2. Select Student on the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Register Here
  4. Select Proceed to Registration.

    First-time users, you will be asked to complete a survey.

  5. Submit survey once completed, if applicable
  6. Select Prepare for Registration to verify your registration status
  7. Select the Term you will enroll in (i.e., Fall, Spring, or Summer) and click Continue.

    You may need to scroll down to see the correct term. You will receive a registration error message if you select a term that starts with CE or COM.

  8. If you have remaining enrollment steps, they will be listed in red. To register, return to the menu by selecting Registration.
  9. Select Register for Classes
  10. Select Term and Continue.

    Example: Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 2022 (do not select terms that begin with CE)

  1. Select the Subject you are looking for (i.e. ENGL) and the Course Number (i.e. 1301).

    Select Advanced Search to select the institution you wish to attend.

    You can also search for online courses in Advanced Search by selecting a fully distance education course under Instructional Methods. Once the information is entered, select Search at the bottom. A list of all courses meeting the criteria you entered will appear.

  2. Select Add when you have chosen a course.

    Shaded days indicate when a class meets. If no days are shaded, the class is fully online with no set meeting time.

    Select course name under Title to view full class details.

  3. Once your course is added, select Submit under Summary to finalize.

    The course will change from Pending to Registered.

  4. Select Schedule for a calendar view of your classes. Select Tuition and Fees to view the total cost for classes.
  5. If you need to drop a class, select Web Drop Prior to Term under Action, and Submit.
  6. To add additional courses, select Search Again and repeat steps 11-15.

Important Dates

Here are a few important upcoming dates to consider so you don't miss out on the courses you need to continue your online learning journey!

Summer 2022

  Maymester Summer I 8 Week Summer I Summer II 8 Week Summer 10 Week Summer III 8 Week Summer II
Application Deadline
May 2 May 2 May 16 May 16 May 16 May 16 June 27
Registration Deadline
May 10 May 10 May 31 May 31 May 31 June 14 July 5
Classes Start
May 16 May 16 June 6 June 6 June 6 June 21 July 11
Classes End
June 2 July 7 July 7 July 28 August 11 August 11 August 11

Fall 2022

  Fall 16 Week Fall Flex I Fall Start Two Fall Flex II
Application Deadline
August 1 August 1 August 23 October 3
Registration Deadline
August 16 August 16 August 30 October 11
Classes Start
August 22 August 22 September 6 October 17
Classes End
December 10 October 15 December 10 December 10

For a full list of dates, visit Academic/Registration Calendars

Need help registering for classes?

Contact your Alamo Colleges' advisor

To schedule a web conference, phone call, or face-to-face appointment with your college advisor, follow these steps.

  1. Log into AlamoNAVIGATE via
    ACES Portal
  2. Select “Schedule an appointment” under the Appointment tab.

For more information, visit your College’s advising webpage.


Northeast Lakeview College

Northwest Vista College

Palo Alto College

San Antonio College

St. Philip's College