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No more waiting in line to pay your payment plan or collect your refund!

The Virtual Business Office is an online hub where you or an authorized user can pay for your college-related products, services, tuition and fees, 24 hours a day.

Here you can set up a payment plan, pay your tuition, and pay through the Alamo Colleges Marketplace Mall.

My Tuition Payment Plan

  • Set up payment plan agreement online

  • Pay with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check

How do I get started?

Login to ACES.

Pay My Tuition

  • Pay online with a credit card, debit card or electronic check through your ACES student account

  • Money orders and certified checks can be mailed to your College Business Office

How do I pay online?

Login to ACES to pay my tuition.

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Here is a great way to budget your college tuition-Academic and Continuing Education Payment Plans.   

Academic Payment Plans   

Payment Plans are available online. There is a payment plan for everyone. Payment Plans are available for each semester and have preset dates that determine the payment due date. The first payment is due upon enrollment in a payment plan. Enrollment in a plan is required before your payment deadline. Students who have not yet paid their balance for the respective part of term will be dropped from that term's classes.


  • Payments will automatically be deducted from the bank account authorized during sign-up on the dates indicated on the payment schedule.

  • A $10 Late Fee will be assessed if the payment is declined.

  • Accounts not paid by the final due date are subject to be sent to one of the Alamo Colleges District Collection Agencies, and you are responsible for any additional fees assessed.

  • Payment deadlines vary based on when you registered and your chosen plan. You choose a plan based on your registration enrollment or when your classes are offered.


Steps to Set up a Payment Plan

Log in to ACES and complete the following to set up:

  • Select the Student Tab on the left navigation
  • Select Web Services on the Student page
  • In Web Services, select the Student Tab then Student Account
  • Select Make a Payment
  • Select Virtual Business Office
  • Select Enroll in Payment Plan, then select Payment Plan, then select Term
  • Hit Continue and Display Schedule
  • Hit Continue
  • Click Select a Payment Method
  • Select Agree to Terms
  • Select Print Agreement
  • Select Continue to Finalize

Payment plans are available for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

All payment plans will be available in ACES. Each plan has a specific enrollment period.

To learn more about this payment option, visit the Payment Calendar page.

To start the payment plan process, log in to your student account:  ACES Portal  


Continuing Education Payment Plans 

Enrollment in a plan must be made before the first day of class.  Plans are available to students with a minimum of $300.00 in eligible charges. 

Payment Date   
Payment Amount
 4-7 weeks
Down payment date of enrollment/plan 50% + admin fee
Final payment 1st month after enrollment 50%
8-12 weeks 
Down payment date of enrollment/plan 50% + admin fee
1st  payment 1st month after enrollment 25%
2nd payment 2nd month after enrollment 25%
9 months-1 year 
Down payment date of enrollment/plan 25% + admin fee
1st  payment 2nd week of class 25%
2nd  payment 4th week of class 25%
3rd payment 6th week of class 25%
Alternative Teacher Certification/Over$1000/13-16 weeks
Down payment date of enrollment/plan 25% + admin fee
1st  payment 1st month after enrollment 25%
2nd  payment 3rd month after enrollment 25%
3rd payment 4th month after enrollment 25%

To start the payment plan process, log in to your student account: ACES Portal

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How to Pay Your Tuition Online

Steps to Credit Card/ACH Payment

Login to ACES - Select the Following

  • Web Services
  • Student
  • Student Account
  • Make a Payment
  • Select Virtual Business Office (Online Payments)
  • Main Menu – Payment System
  • Select, “Make a Payment” tab
  • Select Term to Pay
  • Select Payment Method
  • Credit Card Payment
    • Enter Credit Card Number
    • Enter Credit Card Personal Information
    • Select “Continue”
    • Option to Save Credit Card
    • Continue to Process Credit Card Information
    • Exit
  • ACH Payment
    • Enter Electronic Check
    • Enter Electronic Check Information
    • Select “Continue”
    • Option to Save Electronic Check
    • Continue to process Electronic Check
    • Exit

Steps to Setup Authorized User

Login to ACES - Select the Following

  • Web Services
  • Student
  • Student Account
  • Make a Payment
  • Select Virtual Business Office (Online Payments)
    • Main Menu – Payment System
    • Select My Profile Setup
      • Select Authorized User
      • Select Add Authorized User Tab
      • Enter Email Address of Authorized User
        • Select Options for Authorized User
        • Select Continue
    • Authorized User Agreement Form
      • Select Agree to terms
  • Setup for Authorized User is complete

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