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St. Philip's College Library

MLK Campus: (210) 486-2330
Location: Center for Learning Resources (CLR)

SWC Campus: (210) 486-7023
Location: Building 1-C123


The Physical Therapist Assistant Program prepares students to work under the direction of a physical therapist in a hospital, clinic, rehabilitation unit, sports-medicine facility, nursing home, extended care facility, or pediatric facility. 

Your main responsibility as a physical therapist assistant (PTA) will be to work with patients to restore motion, strengthen muscles, improve circulation, relieve pain, correct deformities, and restore physical independence.  This involves the use of physical agents such as light, heat, water, cold, sound, and electricity.  Patient mobility is improved by strengthening, balance/coordination exercises, and gait and transfer training activities. 

The program at St. Philip's College includes lecture and laboratory courses in physical therapy science and procedures, and clinical education courses conducted in settings where physical therapy is provided.  Through the labs you will be exposed to skills such as electrotherapy, thermal agents, therapeutic exercises, use of exercise equipment, rehabilitation techniques, and functional treatment.



The program will host information sessions on: 

September 20, October 19, and November 10, 2016

Time: 5 to 6:30 PM

Location:  To be determined

(The Center for Healthcare Professions is building 8 on the above map.)

All sessions contain the same information.  Reservations are not required.


For further information on the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, please select a topic of interest from the list below.


Program Topic


Professional Organizations and Sites of Interest

 The Physical Therapist Assistant Program maintains close ties with the professional organizations that represent physical therapy:
  • American Physical Therapy Association:  This is a national professional organization that represents nearly 70,000 members, and works to foster advancement in physical therapy practice, research, and education.  The mission of the APTA is to further the profession's role in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of movement dysfunction and to enhance the physical health and functional abilities of members of the public.
  • PTA MACS Instruction:  This site will give you instructions for using the newest version of the PTA Manual for Assessment of Clinical Skills.

Faculty and Staff

Mary Hays, PTA, Instructor 
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
Phone:  (210) 486-2429
A.A.S. Los Angeles Pierce College
B.S.O.E. Wayland Baptist University
Clinical experience in out-patient and adult rehabilitation and home health care.

Laura Miele, PTA, Associate Professor, Program Director
Phone:  (210) 486-2443
A.A.S. Kapi' olani Community College
B.S.O.E. Wayland Baptist University
M.Ed. Wayland Baptist University
Clinical experience in out-patient rehabilitation and management.  

Donna Stetz, PT, Assistant Professor

Phone: (210) 486-2051
B.A. Incarnate Word College
B.S. UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
M.A. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
M.S. Texas A&M University
Clinical experience in acute care and out-patient rehabilitation.

Shelley Kozel, PT, Adjunct Faculty Instructor

Phone:  (210) 294-1241
B.S. Texas Woman's University
Clinical experience in acute care, wound care, pediatrics, and neurology.

Kris Aguilar, PTA, Academic Lab Technician
Phone:  (210) 486-2010
A.A.S. St. Philip's College
B.S.O.E. Wayland Baptist University
Clinical experience in acute care and out-patient rehabilitation.

Program Accreditation and Licensure

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at St. Philip's College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE):
1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, Virginia  22314
Phone:  (703) 706-3245
This program was first granted accreditation status in 1973, and was most recently re-accredited in 2009.
Upon successfully completing all the requirements of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, the student is awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree.  Graduates of the program are able to sit for the licensure test given by the Texas State Board of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners.

Program Statistics

Graduation Rate (Data from Program Records)
Year   2012 2013 2014 2015
#  of graduates   26 24 25 22
#  from original cohort who graduated on time   21 of 24 = 87.5% 23 of 24 = 95.8% 24 of 24 = 100% 22 of 24 = 92%
# that took longer than 2 years to graduate   1 of 24 = 4%   1 of 24 = 4%  


N/A - all graduated on time

(Data being compiled)  
Total graduation rate   92% 100% 100% 92%  


 State Board Examination Pass Rate (Data from ECPTOTE) 

Year   2012 2013   2014 2015
# passed 1st attempt   22 of 26 = 84.6% 22 of 23 = 95.6% 25 of 25 = 100% 21 of 22 = 95%  
# passed within 6 months 25 of 26 = 96% 22 of 23 = 95.6% 25 of 25 = 100% 22 of 22 = 100%
Total pass rate   96% 100%   100% 100%
Employment Rate (Data from Program Records) 
Year   2012 2013 2014   2015  
Employed within 6 months of passing exam and seeking employment 100% 100% 100%      *91%
*100% of students desiring employment in physical therapy and still located in the United States obtained employment.
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Admission and Prerequisite Requirements

Students wishing to enroll in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program must meet all admission requirements for acceptance to St. Philip's College and the Health Sciences Department.  In addition, the student must apply to the program as outlined below in the "Application and Selection Process" section.  Students requiring developmental courses must have completed all of these courses in order to be eligible for application to the program. A recommended first step for students interested in the program is to complete 40 hours of observation
Students are not required to complete prerequisite courses to apply to the program, but are strongly encouraged to do so.  This will allow the student more time to focus on the PTA courses once in the program.  The general education courses include:
ENGL 1301 - Composition I
BIOL 2401 - Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 2402 - Human Anatomy & Physiology II
MATH 1314 - College Algebra
PSYC 2301 - General Psychology
And one additional course from Language, Philosophy, and Culture (40) core OR from Visual and Performing Art (50) core
Students with questions regarding admissions or whether previous courses will transfer for credit at St. Philip's College and the PTA Program are encouraged to contact the Advising Department.

Institute 3:  Health & Biosciences Advisors

Janet Hart
Frances Calderon
Irma Lopez 
Edmund Dunn 
Paul Lede 
Teresa Hopwood 
Alicia Stolte

             MLK Advising Line:  210-486-2008


  Students must complete 40 volunteer or work experience hours and score a minimum of 65 on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) V examination in order to apply.  These are recommended first steps of the application process.


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Application and Selection Process

Applications for admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program are accepted during the spring semester only.  The program admits only one cohort per academic year, and those students selected during the spring application period will begin classes in the following fall semester.  The deadline for submitting an application and all supporting documents is March 31st.  Applications are reviewed and processed at the end of the spring semester.  The program will not review documents sent prior to the beginning of the selection process in January, and will not retain or process documents sent separately from the application packet.  Additionally, the program does not store or return applications, so applicants should retain copies of application documents if they wish to do so. 
 In addition to completing admission requirements for St. Philip's College, the student must:
  • submit documentation of at least 40 hours of volunteer or work experience.  Each student selects his/her own site for volunteer or work experience, but it must be in a physical therapy clinic/department and overseen by a physical therapist (PT) or physical therapist assistant (PTA).  It must be documented on the Applicant Observation or Employment Verification Form
  • complete the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) V examination.  This standardized examination is a multiple-choice, web-based test that helps identify students with the best chance of success in the health sciences field.  It measures three basic, but important, education skill sets needed for a health science occupation--reading/English and language usage, math, and science.  The objectives assessed on the TEAS V are those which health science educators deemed most appropriate and relevant to measure entry-level skills and abilities of health science students. 
    • The PTA program requires a minimum score of 65 for the adjusted individual total score. 
    •  Please include the Individual Performance Profile page (just the page with the bar graphs and "Adjusted Individual Total Score") in your application package.  
  • submit all official college transcripts.  An official transcript is one printed on official paper from the registrar's office and is in a sealed envelope.  Students should request the transcript(s) be sent to their home address for inclusion in the application package with all other documents.  DO NOT OPEN the transcript.  Alamo Colleges transcripts (if applicable) will need to be obtained and included in the package by the student - we are unable to access them. 
  • submit College Entrance Examination Score (SAT, ACT, etc.) if applicant has not successfully completed 12 or more college hours.  Please contact a college advisor for more information about the college entrance examination.
  • submit a self-prepared essay, one to two pages in length, typed and double-spaced, describing your reason(s) for choosing this profession and program.

  • The PTA program provides the following information about the TEAS V test for informational purposes only.         
  • This test is required for ALL applicants regardless of educational status (e.g., new to college, graduate of a master's program, etc.)
  • Test dates fill quickly!  Please attempt to schedule your test as early as possible or you may have to take it at a less convenient location, if you are able to secure a date at all. The PTA program will not extend the March 31st deadline.
  • The cost of the examination is currently $91.00, and it may only be taken once every 6 months.
  • Review materials are available from the ATI website, if you wish to purchase them. 
  • The dates for the examination are provided during the registration process.  It may be taken at St. Philip's College (in room 301 of the Center for Healthcare Professions) or at a site more convenient to your location.  
  • The location for your test is one you select during the registration process and will be on the confirmation information e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you provide.  Please ensure you know which testing center to which you must report.
  • If you experience any issues with the registration or scheduling process at St. Philip's College, please contact one of the following individuals:
    • Ms. Bree White - ATI point of contact for Nursing and Allied Health Testing - (913) 661-6467, or
    • Mr. John Braxton - St. Philip's College point of contact for testing - e-mail: or phone: (210) 486-2771
  •  Click here to register for the TEAS V examination.  You will need to create an account.   
    •  Once you create an account and are logged in, proceed to the "Online Store" (This link is at the very top of the page). 
    •  In the "Register" block on the left-hand side of the next page, click "TEAS".
    •  Please ensure you sign up for the "Allied Health" examination, and not the examination for "Nursing Students" or any other examination.
The application form and all other supporting documents MUST BE MAILED via the U.S. Postal Service (return receipt recommended) to:
         Health Sciences Department - St. Philip's College
         Application for PTA Program
         1801 Martin Luther King Drive
         San Antonio, TX 78203-2098
Documents mailed separately from the application form/package will NOT be considered.  Completion of the application criteria does not guarantee program selection or admission.
Application Package Scoring:
Selection Criteria and Formula Maximum Points
Completed application and essay   10
TEAS V Individual Adjusted Total 100
Bonus points will be given for the following:
Bonus Point Items
Points for an A
Points for a B
Points for a C
Other Points
BIOL 2401
4 3 1  
BIOL 2402
4 3 1  
ENGL 1301
4 3 1    
MATH 1314
4 3 1  
PSYC 2301
4 3 1  
Completed baccalaureate degree
Completed associate degree
Physical therapy work experience (1,000+ hours)
Physical therapy work experience (< 1,000 hours)
Note:  Grade of C or higher is required for courses
Maximum total points (application, test, bonus) = 138
The PTA Program will subsequently select the 26 highest-ranked applicants.  All qualified applicants will receive notification of acceptance or non-acceptance.
The College, the Health Sciences Department, and the PTA program are not responsible for any misinterpretation of the above processes for admission and selection.
Before being fully accepted into any Health Sciences program, students must pass a mandatory criminal background check and drug screen (at the student's expense).  Additional information and required forms will be given to students accepted into the PTA program.  Before beginning the clinical rotations, students must complete mandatory immunizations and may be required to carry health insurance during those semesters.  A list of required immunizations can be found on the Health Sciences Department Quick Reference Sheet
Enrollment into the Health Science Programs by students with felony convictions - Students with felony convictions may not be eligible for licensure or certification.  These students would not be eligible for admission into the program until a declaratory order process is completed with the licensure and/or certification board.  Proof of eligibility for licensure and/or certification must be provided for consideration for admission into the program.  Students with concerns should contact the Physical Therapy Chief Investigator at:
         Executive Council of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners (ECPTOTE)
         333 Guadalupe. Ste 2-510
         Austin, TX  78701
         (512) 305-6900
        Once on the ECPTOTE webpage, click on the "Request a Criminal History Evaluation" link and follow the given directions.

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Contact Information

Program Director:
Laura Miele, PTA, M. Ed.          
Assistant Professor

MLK Campus
Center for Health Professionals (CHP) 330K