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RN-to-BSN accelerated program

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Are you a registered nurse who wants to deepen your knowledge, enhance your skills, and advance leadership positions in the healthcare industry while accommodating your demanding schedule?

In that case, this program is designed for you.


Completion time in 8 or 12 months*

through multiple learning tracks, including accelerated, traditional, and hybrid online.

*The RN-to-BSN Accelerated Program is only available for full-time study now.


Available 100% online & hybrid learning modes

Program admission happens twice a year. Practicum projects are based on individual experience.


Join a strong network of nurses ready to take the next career step.

Our online RN-BSN program leverages your current knowledge and experience to elevate your nursing competencies.

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More reasons to choose the San Antonio College RN-to-BSN program

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Designed with the working RN professional in mind. You can work at your own pace from anywhere, anytime.



Enrich your nursing practice by discussing with fellow students and learning from faculty who share real-world knowledge.



Apply what you learn directly with an evidence-based practice focused on ethics, leadership, and community health.

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Offered at San Antonio College


Complete the online application and submit all required documentation by uploading them.

All additional documentation can be scanned and submitted with the application under “Upload Transcript” in PDF-only format. Name/identify the document by using the “College/University name” area.

Apply Now

The application process is an ongoing process and notifications are sent within 2 weeks of application submission. Notification can include pending documentation needed, acceptance, or denials. Initially, notification letters will be sent to the personal email address provided on the Nursing application. All subsequent emails will be sent to ACES email address ( It is the responsibility of the applicant to maintain appropriate contact information at all times. For status updates on your application please email at

Prerequisite Courses

Complete all prerequisite core requirement courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a C or higher in each course. The Admission Committee will evaluate and develop a plan to ensure all degree required courses are completed prior to finishing the program.

RN to BSN Degree Required Prerequisites (Credit)

  • BIOL 2401 Human Anatomy & Physiology (4)
  • BIOL 2402 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4)
  • BIOL 2420 Microbiology & Pathology/BIOL 2421 (4)
  • ENGL 1301 Composition I (3)
  • PHIL 2306 Introduction to Ethics (3)
  • PSYC 2301 General Psychology (3)
  • PSYC 2314 Lifespan Growth & Development (3)

AAS prerequisite courses(24)
Nursing (RNSG) courses*
AAS Total Credit Hours (60)


Students earn up to 36 semester credit hours of advanced placement credit for successful completion of nursing courses from their A.A.S or diploma program and a subsequent unencumbered, current Texas Registered Nurse license.

BSN Prerequisite Courses (Credit)

  • BIOL 1322 Nutrition Introduction (3)
  • CHEM 1405 Intro. to Chemistry, CHEM 1305 and CHEM 1105, CHEM 1411 Gen. Chemistry (4)
  • ENGL 1302 English Composition OR ENGL 2311 Technical and Business Writing (3)
  • GOVT 2305 US Government (3)
  • GOVT 2306 Texas State and Local Government (3)

Other Core Required courses:

Mathematics (20) Core

1 Course (3 credit hours)

  • MATH 1342 - Elementary Statistical Methods
  • MATH 1442 - Elementary Statistical Methods

American History (60) Core

2 Courses (6 credit hours)

Select any combination from the following:

  • HIST 1301 U.S. History I & HIST 1302 U.S. History II
  • HIST 1301 U.S. History I & HIST 2328 Mexican-Amer. History II
  • HIST 1301 U.S. History I & HIST 2382 African Amer. History II
  • HIST 2327 Mexican-Amer. Hist. I & HIST 2328 Mexican-Amer. Hist. II
  • HIST 2327 Mexican-Amer. History I & HIST 1302 U.S. History II
  • HIST 2327 Mexican-Amer. Hist. I & HIST 2382 African Amer. Hist. II
  • HIST 2381 African-Amer. Hist. I & HIST 2382 African Amer. Hist. II
  • HIST 2381 African-Amer. History I & HIST 1302 U.S. History II
  • HIST 2381 African-Amer. Hist. I & HIST 2328 Mexican-Amer. Hist. II
  • HIST 2301 Texas Hist. & any Amer. Hist. (60 Core) course listed here.

Creative Arts (50) Core

1 course (3 credit hours)

  • ARCH 1301 - History of Architecture I
  • ARCH 1302 - History of Architecture II
  • ARCH 1311 - Introduction to Architecture
  • ARTS 1301 - Art Appreciation
  • ARTS 1303 - Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th century)
  • ARTS 1304 - Art History II (14th century to the present)
  • COMM 2366 - Introduction to Cinema
  • DANC 1305 - World Dance
  • DANC 2303 - Dance Appreciation
  • DRAM 1310 - Introduction to Theatre - Theatre Appreciation
  • HUMA 1311 - Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation
  • HUMA 1315 - Fine Arts Appreciation
  • MUSI 1306 - Music Appreciation
  • MUSI 1310 - American Music

Additional Communication (90) Core

1 course (3 credit hours)

  • SPCH 1311 - Introduction to Speech Communication
  • SPCH 1315 - Public Speaking
  • SPCH 1318 - Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCH 1321 - Business and Professional Communication

Additional Language, Philosophy and Culture (90) Core

1 course (3 credit hours)

  • ARAB 2311 - Intermediate Arabic I
  • ARAB 2312 - Intermediate Arabic II
  • CHIN 2311 - Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN 2312 - Intermediate Chinese II
  • ENGL 2322 - British Lit. I: Anglo Saxon through Neoclassical
  • ENGL 2323 - British Lit. II: Romanticism to the Present
  • ENGL 2327 - American Lit. I: Precolonial thru Romantic Period
  • ENGL 2328 - American Lit. II: Realism to the Present
  • ENGL 2332 - World Lit. I: Antiquity through the Renaissance
  • ENGL 2333 - World Lit. II: Neoclassical to the Present
  • ENGL 2341 - Forms of Literature
  • ENGL 2351 - Mexican American Literature
  • FREN 2311 - Intermediate French I
  • FREN 2312 - Intermediate French II
  • GERM 2311 - Intermediate German I
  • GERM 2312 - Intermediate German II
  • HIST 2321 - World Civilizations I
  • HIST 2322 - World Civilizations II
  • HUMA 1301 - Introduction to the Humanities I
  • HUMA 1302 - Introduction to the Humanities II
  • HUMA 1305 - Introduction to Mexican-American Studies
  • HUMA 2319 - American Minority Studies
  • HUMA 2323 - World Cultures
  • ITAL 2311 - Intermediate Italian I
  • ITAL 2312 - Intermediate Italian II
  • JAPN 2311 - Intermediate Japanese I
  • JAPN 2312 - Intermediate Japanese II
  • LATI 2311 - Intermediate Latin I
  • LATI 2312 - Intermediate Latin II
  • PHIL 1301 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 1304 - Introduction to World Religions
  • PHIL 2303 - Introduction to Logic
  • SPAN 2311 - Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 2312 - Intermediate Spanish II

BSN Prerequisite Courses (30)
BSN NURS Courses (30)
Total Credit Hours for BSN Degree (120)


Provide evidence that the license is unencumbered current for Texas or an Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact RN License.

Scholarship Opportunity

The BSN Bridge program qualifies for grants and scholarship.  You must first complete a FASFA application for the year you are applying. Then you can apply for scholarships through the Alamo Colleges Foundations Scholarship, Sign In - Alamo Colleges District Scholarships (

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The RN-to-BSN nursing program at San Antonio College is accredited by the:

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) 
3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA 30326
Ph:(404) 975-5000

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the RN-to-BSN nursing program is initial accreditation.

Led by experienced leaders


RN-to-BSN Program Administration

Dr. Eve Rodriguez, Ph.D., RN

Executive Director of RN-to-BSN Program


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