Campus Safety

The Alamo Colleges Police Department, through a high level of proficiency, upholds its mission to provide a safe environment in which all members of District community may work, teach, study and learn. This department, in the daily performance of its function, stresses: service; protection of life, property and investment; security of the campuses; and pursuit of excellence in campus law enforcement and safety.

Alamo Colleges District Police Officers are state licensed “Peace Officers”. They have the same authority as municipal police officers and are empowered by The State of Texas to enforce all local, state, and federal laws. There are three types of patrols on campus: bicycles, carts and Alamo Colleges District Police Department vehicles. 


Important Phone Numbers

Weather Hotline: 210-485-0189 

Emergency Services: 210-485-0911 

Non-Emergency: 210-485-0099  



The police services that they offer include vehicle accident reports, criminal reports, and information reports. The Police Department also offers courtesy services such as courtesy patrols, courtesy escorts, tire inflation, battery boosts, and assistance with vehicle lockouts.  

Palo Alto College-DPS Office
210-486-3997 | Fax: 210-486-3998

  • Inquiring the status of a campus citation to include holds.
  • Status of a campus citation appeal form.
  • A request for a copy of a filed police report.
  • Issuance of a temporary parking decal.
  • Adding another vehicle to current parking decal registration form.
  • Lost and found property.
  • Appropriate parking areas.
  • Scheduled on campus events.

Beginning in Fall 2014, students no longer need parking decals. A Campus Access Fee of $25 is included in tuition and fees, allowing access to all Alamo Colleges District open parking areas. parking fees are included as part of the Alamo Colleges District tuition and fees. Parking decals are not required for students. Students may also request a VIA bus pass from the Palo Alto College Business Office (Palomino Center 115). A valid student ID is required to obtain the pass. 

Faculty and staff are required to purchase parking permits. These permits are $25 each semester. Cars without permits will incur a fine of $16. 

The Alamo Colleges District Police Department can also hand out criminal citations. These citations will be forwarded to the City of San Antonio Municipal Courts. Citations will be issued for law violations including parking in a handicap parking space without a permit, parking in incorrect lanes such as fire lanes no parking zones, and running stop signs. 

Emergency Notifications

The Alamo Colleges District has established an emergency system that contacts all employees and students via email, telephones and text messages. The information is provided by the individuals through the Personal Information link on their ACES page. It is imperative that employees and students take the initiative to keep this information up to date.

Stay Safe

Here are some crime prevention tips to help you stay safe on campus: 

  • Be alert to suspicious people or circumstances. 
  • Travel in well-lit, populated areas and try not to walk alone. 
  • Keep your personal property out of sight and your vehicle locked at all times. 

Palo Alto College has 30 emergency phones placed throughout campus. Each one of these has the ability to call campus police at the push of a button.