Strategic Plan


To inspire, empower, and educate our community for leadership and success.


The Alamo Colleges will be the best in the nation in Student Success and Performance Excellence.


The members of Alamo Colleges are committed to building individual and collective character through the following set of shared values in order to fulfill our vision and mission.

Students First

Can Do Spirit 
Respect for All


1. Empowering Students for Success

Empowering students to explore educational opportunities, identify career pathways and experience high impact educational practices. Address students’ unique interests and needs using tools & strategies to help students succeed academically and professionally. 

Goal A. Increase student retention, persistence, and completion

Goal B. Increase outreach to our community and provide greater access to our college

Goal C. Provide students with quality high impact instruction and support

Goal D. Align with K-12 partners and transfer institutions in career and academic pathways

2. Creating & Sustaining a Culture of Inclusiveness

PAC strives to maintain a culturally inclusive environment that embraces mutual respect, effective relationships, clear communication, explicit understandings about expectations, and critical self-reflection. 

Goal A. Include all PAC stakeholders in decision-making processes.

Goal B. Foster a climate of mutual respect and concern for one another

3. Celebrate & Share PAC Excellence

Strengthen the identity of the institution by celebrating PAC successes and sharing with all stakeholders.

Goal A. Empower PAC stakeholders to create, identify, and promote PAC excellence both internally and externally

Goal B. Develop offline and online platforms for stakeholders to share PAC excellence

4. Targeting our Resources for Success

Involve stakeholders in the prioritization of initiatives and improving processes to support student success.

Goal A. Use cross-functional teams to engage internal and external resources to build institutional capacity and generate community advancement.