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  • Alyna

    "I’m a first-generation college student. It’s a lot of pressure, but I like to make my mom smile… I’m the only child, so she is looking at me. I’m doing things that she couldn’t do because she didn’t graduate from high school. She wants to see me do more, and I want to make her happy."

  • Emily

    "If you're unhappy with your position now and you want to change your life, something that helped me is: Be the change that you want to be... I’m really proud of myself. Before, I never really had any long-term goals. It was just kind of day by day, week by week. But now I feel like I have goals, and I’m excited for the future."

  • Gabriel

    "Spanish is my first language so language is a challenge. It's like sometimes I can’t express myself really well so I try and try. That’s the difficult part for me but my time at Palo Alto College has been great. the professors and other students help me speak more. The classes are small so you can get more interaction."

  • Madeline

    “No matter how many times you fall, what matters is you get back up. I’ve always kept that close to my heart because no matter if I fail a test, if I lose a game, or if I get hurt and I think the world has ended; I know I have to get back up, life doesn’t stop.”

  • Yeritzia

    “Art is life. I’ve been doing it for so long it’s just a part of me. It’s also opened so many doors. It’s helped me meet people and experience all the things I’ve had the privilege to experience. It’s really great and it’s good for your soul...With my art, I want people to feel warmth and be able to relate, because as humans, I think that’s something we should do more of-relate to each other and have empathy and sympathy.”


The Palo Alto College community helped me reframe life, restore my dignity, and launch me into educational and professional success.

Dr. Jessica Ibarra
Assistant Professor, University of the Incarnate Word

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