Faculty Student Mentoring

This program serves to provide mentoring to students enrolled at Palo Alto College who are on academic probation. The goal of the mentoring is to build a partnership between the student and the faculty mentor which helps the student get back on track with their educational requirements and ultimately achieve his/her educational goals.

The faculty mentor helps the student identify and set milestones (actions or events which mark a significant change or stage in development), and the faculty mentor provides support and connects students to valuable resources that can help them reach their milestones.

Faculty mentors are volunteers who want to help ensure Palo Alto College students' success in college and beyond. Students on academic probation are assigned to faculty mentors, though they are not necessarily assigned based on the student's academic interests.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a faculty mentor, please contact Dr. Joshua Galat.


Contact Information: 

Dr. Joshua Galat
Instructor of English

Pedernales Hall
(PEDER 114)