Program Level: Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Fine Arts/Kinesiology
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: SPC

What is SPC Drama?

At St. Philip’s College, we believe that drama has value for all students, regardless of their area of focus. Through work in the theatre, we not only provide professional instruction in discipline specific skills, but we also provide students the opportunity to grow and develop their creativity, critical thinking, and the soft skills necessary to succeed in any career.  

The Drama Pre-Major is geared to prepare drama students for transfer to a 4-year Drama Program, and to give them the skills and knowledge necessary to engage in production both on and off stage. Drama students can expect to learn Acting, Stage Craft, Movement, Voice and Diction, in addition to interesting electives like Dramatic Writing and Script Analysis. Drama Students at St. Philip’s College are given the opportunity to perform in or help design and run theatrical productions each semester. Students also learn to appreciate the theatre as audience members, and the value of theatre as an art form. 

What will I learn?

Students gain experience and develop confidence in engaging individual creative processes, making judgments that require critical thinking skills and understanding these means of individual empowerment as a life-long developmental process. Students can learn acting, improvisation, characterization, classical voice technique (projection, diction, vocal quality), movement, armed and unarmed stage combat, dramatic writing, narrative structure, script analysis, theatre history, and technical theatre skills.  

What can I do with this course of study?

Training in Drama forms the basis for hundreds of career paths in arts, education, film, arts management, and of course Drama. Students in the theatre program engage in real-world application through theatrical productions, participation in Acting, Scenery and Costume Design and Technical Theatre. Courses in Drama will transfer to Universities and Schools of Art throughout Texas and the U.S. to pursue a Baccalaureate degree. Students can also take this training into Theatre Education and Teacher Certification programs at a 4-year institution.  

What's special about the program?

St. Philip’s College offers a unique opportunity for those interested in the dramatic arts. Students can expect to be involved in productions every semester they attend. We are the only public institution in San Antonio that offers top-notch training in armed and unarmed stage combat, and we are the only college in the district that offers instruction in Playwriting and Screenwriting. You don’t need a long resume or any experience at all to try your hand at drama at St. Philip’s. We love to include people of all levels of talent and experience. You’ll get a chance to work with professionals in the field, develop new work, and engage in classical works of dramatic literature. 

Upcoming Events

Andrew Heinrich Drama Reading
April 22 & 23, 2022 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Watson Fine Arts Auditorium


 ...expect to receive a quality educational environment which stimulates critical thinking.

Contact Information

Department Chair:
Vincent Hardy
MLK Watson Fine Arts Center (WFAC), 202
Art Program Coordinator:
Jennifer Agricola-Mojica
MLK Watson Fine Arts Center (WFAC), 203
Music Program Coordinator:
Gregory Gonzales
MLK Watson Fine Arts Center (WFAC), 214-D