Experience SPC

St. Philip's College (SPC) feels like a university with its wide expansive cobblestone paths and shade trees, but it’s easy on the pocketbook and close to home.

Here, you can get your degree or earn credits that transfer to a four-year institution, gain skills to enter the workforce, or just learn something new. Exemplary programs, recognized faculty, and vibrant student life activities await you at SPC. 

As a bonus, the college is located in Southwest San Antonio, close to attractions such as the Riverwalk and San Pedro Springs Park.

Academics - Explore more than 75+ programs, degrees, and certificates, plus read course descriptions.

Cost and Financial Aid - Information about the financial aid process, scholarships, tuition, and fees.

Campus Life - Get involved in student activities, clubs, and organizations - make friends too.

Student Resources - Know what resources are here to help you succeed.

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