Financial Literacy Services

St. Philip’s College is dedicated to providing students with the financial education and training necessary to make informed financial decisions. Our goal is to inform students on the appropriate use of budgeting, funds management, and student loans. Our dedicated staff is here to provide financial literacy information and resources.


Students can now receive free online financial coaching from a certified financial coach. Contact Enida Rehome at for more information.

Why is Financial Literacy Important?

With student loan debt and student credit card debt on the rise, many students leave college with more debt than they are prepared to handle. By providing financial literacy to students, they are more prepared to make wise financial choices while still attending school and are better prepared after they graduate from college to handle the responsibilities of debt. 

Tiger REACH Financial Wellness Program

Vision: To educate and empower students with financial knowledge, skills and resources in order to help them gain financial security and wellness.

Mission: To provided holistic financial literacy support to students using Igrad/curriculum, individualized support, and resources throughout a student’s academic career.

Student Learning Outcome: Students will recognize their earning potential, engage in their own financial plan, advance their dreams, conquer their debt and hope for a better financial future.

Paying for College

There are several financial options out there to help reduce the cost of college. Student Engagement Grants, scholarships, work-study employment are no-cost options but have limited availability, and require certain qualifications. You should apply for as many as are available to you. Applying early and every year you are in college will help ensure you access all the gift aid for which you qualify.  For more information about scholarships, visit

For detailed information about Student Financial Aid, visit

Managing Your Money

Managing money can be a challenge for many reasons. Cash is being replaced by credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid cards which makes spending very easy and saving much more difficult. Money management is all about minimizing your debt, maximizing your income and establishing your savings. We are here to help you gain the tools needed to become a skilled spender and saver.

Simple steps to help manage your money:

  • Start a Savings Plan
  • Follow a Budget
  • Monitor Your Spending
  • Don’t Buy on Impulse
  • Use Credit Wisely

Default Prevention/After College

A college degree opens the door to so many opportunities and is one of the greatest achievements you will accomplish in your lifetime. Life after college will present new challenges from finding a new career to establishing a budget and paying off your student loans. If you have questions about paying your student loan debt or are having financial difficulties, contact our dedicated staff for more information about your options. Seek help as early as possible to avoid student loan default, as it can have very serious consequences.

Visit us in office 102C in The Sutton Learning Center for more information. You can also visit the Alamo Colleges District website for additional resources:

Alamo Colleges District Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy Coach
Enida Rehome
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