Employee Portal

Quick links for faculty and staff

Providing easy access to employee resources and information is vital to our community. Below is a list of resources for our faculty and staff.

ACES-Employee Portal

ACES is a secure portal that provides students, staff, and faculty with access to various applications using a single sign-on. 

Access ACES

Alamo Alert

The Alamo Colleges Alamo Alert system will be used to communicate with students, employees, and other members of the Alamo Colleges Family in the event of a college emergency or weather-related delay or closure. 

Access Alamo Alert


Access and share internal documentation in AlamoShare. Log in with these credentials:
Name: spc\{your user id}
(Example: spc\jdoe21)
Password: {your computer password}

Access AlamoShare 

Badge Replacements

To replace a photo ID badge, please get in touch with the Alamo Colleges Police Department at 210-486-3997.


Learn how to use tools in the Banner environment to help with budgeting, ordering, and other resource management.

Access Banner 


Do you need to locate personnel? Try searching for their name through our Employee Phonebook Search.

Access Phonebook Search

SPC Employee Laptop Request

Employees working remotely will need to complete the Remote Employee Laptop Request form for equipment or other property owned by the Alamo Colleges District that is loaned to an employee or off-site entity to conduct business for ACD. If you are returning equipment, please schedule, from the link below, the date and time when you will return the property.

Submit Your Request Schedule Return Property


Submit employee service requests for help with Information Technology (hardware and software), College Events (event and conference room requests), and Public Relations (graphic design, photography, web, marketing, and PR requests).

Access Footprints

Maintenance Requests

Submit service requests for help with building maintenance and issues around campus.

Submit a Request

Request for Use of Facilities

Request the use of a building or room for college activities, community events, and other purposes.

Submit a Request

Ad Astra Schedule

Faculty and staff can easily view the schedule of classes in each building at both campuses.

Ad Astra Schedule

SPC Stationery

Stationery plays a key role in expressing the brand identity of St. Philip's College, and in many instances will be the first introduction to the college. You will find the SPC Stationery page on Alamo Share.

Access Alamo Share


Employees needing to complete academic or behavioral concerns are encouraged to use the following methods to

Academic Integrity: report violations of academic integrity including plagiarism, cheating, and collusion.

Non-Academic Misconduct: report non-academic misconduct violations.

SOBI (Concerning Behaviors) Incident: report non-emergency, concerning behaviors of students that are not necessarily disciplinary. When in doubt, please report these behaviors.

AlamoCARES (Title IX) - Sexual Misconduct: report any gender-based discrimination including, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, dating violence, rape, bullying, sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking.

Important Links

Alamo Colleges Police Department

Board Policy & Procedures

Alamo Colleges District Marketplace Mall

Access the store and make payments online

How to use the IP8068s telephones?

Note: This is only a reference video. Alamo Colleges District uses a five-digit extension, and some of the keys have been renamed in our system, but they are self-explanatory. (Example: To remove the forwarding, Alamo Colleges District uses the Deactivate Key.)