Institutional Data

Contact Hours and Semester Credit Hours - Full Year

Productive Grade Rate (PGR)

To access data related to grade distribution, productive grade rate and retention, please access the Alamo Colleges Institutional Research and Effectiveness Services (IRES) Alamo Share site (internal employees only).

The IPRE Office makes available random samples of overall success of both on campus and off-site dual credit courses: 2017-2021 Performance Check

Alamo Colleges Benchmarks

This document shows selected Alamo Colleges KPI measures and how St. Philip's College (SPC) compares to the other very large community colleges (VLCC) of Texas that the Alamo Colleges District uses as peer institutions for benchmarking purposes. Where available, state or national averages are included for comparison. The latest available performance measurements for SPC and VLCC leaders are available below.

This process helps the colleges determine their annual performance targets. The color-code system employed is based on three colors: Green denotes performance above VLCC leader; Red denotes performance below VLCC leader, and Yellow indicates borderline performance. College performance results and targets are to be systematically compared for the production of performance scorecards in order to advance performance management, transparency, and accountability at the Alamo Colleges.

Alamo Colleges Benchmarks

Contact Information

Dean of Performance Excellence:

Diane Gavin, Ph.D.


MLK Sutton Learning Center (SLC),

Suite 319

Coordinator of Measurement and Evaluation:

Liliana Gutierrez, Ph.D.                           


MLK Sutton Learning Center (SLC),

Suite 319

Data Analyst:

Hayley Aniol, M.A.                                                                             


MLK Sutton Learning Center (SLC),

Suite 319