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The Alumni and Friends Association

Welcome back, alumni and friends! The Alumni and Friends Association is committed to bringing together alumni and friends from all walks of life. We are a rapidly expanding organization and are proud to carry forward the St. Philip’s College legacy.

If you are looking for a great way to stay in touch with St. Philip’s College and the community, there is no better way than with a membership in the Alumni and Friends Association.

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Message from the President

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As we look forward to celebrating you, we welcome the opportunity to continue connecting with you, our community.  Just as the founders of our great institution planted the seeds that allowed us to flourish for over 124 years, we need to continue tilling the garden and planting fresh seeds so that we may grow for another 100 plus years.  Realizing this possibility begins with having a strong, dedicated and excited community of alumni and friends.

From our inception, student success has been at the heart of our mission and providing access to students is paramount.  Our Homecoming Celebrations are designed to strengthen our connection with you, our community.  After all, it is your efforts that support us and sustain us and in turn, allow us to help our students realize their dreams.  Our anchors in the community include our local churches, businesses, schools, neighbors, friends, family, current and former employees and past, present and future students.  With your continued support, we are able to offer enriching, rewarding and outstanding educational programs to help our students move further along as they learn to walk in their passion and give back to our community.

Dr. Adena Williams Loston