G.E.D. Face to Face Preparation English

Classes run from January 22, 2020 - May 2, 2020 and meet three times a week on Mondays & Wednesdays from 6PM – 9PM plus Saturdays 10AM – 1PM.  All classes will meet in the Learning Leadership and Development Center.

Class Location

All classes meet in the Learning and Development Center located at 101 Meerscheidt Street, San Antonio, TX 78203 in classroom 112.

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Class Schedule

Classes are now forming for January 22nd.

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Class Includes

The price for the course is $150.

The class comes with an online study guide as well as the required textbook.

Space is limited to 10 Students.

Registration is closed for the Spring 2020 semester.

Online G.E.D. study FAQ


When does the class meet?

See attached calendar

What are the content areas?

Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts that includes Reading and Writing.

How much does the class cost?

The class cost is $150.00. This cost includes: The GED Preparation Text Book, The GED preparation online study guide, and the Face to Face instruction.

What if I am not successful in utilizing the online study guide?

You can register for the next Face to Face Class.

Since you've already purchased the study online preparation study guide, that amount will be deducted from the tuition for the class.

I am ready to take the test. What's next?

All vouchers are pre-paid. Vouchers are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Vouchers are available in two ways:

  1. multi-use voucher can be applied to all 4 content areas per test taker. Only one multi-use voucher number is needed for all content areas. The test taker can schedule multiple appointments with this voucher or schedule all 4 content areas in one appointment.
  2. single-use voucher can be used for one content area. Test takers would need a different voucher for each content area.

Vouchers can only be used for the jurisdiction tests they were purchased for.

Vouchers expire 12 months from the date they are issued. Voucher expiration dates cannot be extended. The exam must be taken by the expiration date distributed with the voucher.

How do I schedule my test?

St. Philip's College has a testing center on campus, on the second floor of the Welcome Center.

See the link below.