Program Level: Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Natural Sciences
Institute: Science & Technology
College: SPC

What is SPC Biology?

Biological sciences are the study of living organisms. This field of study is an essential component of many undergraduate and graduate degree programs, particularly those relating to animal, plant and medical studies. Our program at St. Philip’s will prepare students to successfully transition to further careers in industry, academia or many other professions.

What will I learn?

Here at SPC students will find a diverse range of biology courses, from introductory biology through to the study of genetics, microbiology and anatomy and physiology. Courses taken will cover basic biology concepts in a straight-forward and rigorous manner, moving towards mastery in the particular areas the different courses emphasize. Our biology courses aim to match the strong theoretical content offering with equally thorough laboratory sessions.

What can I do with this course of study?

This program will prepare students to enter many areas of further study. We have had graduates pursue diverse fields of study, from wildlife management to dentistry to physician’s assistant programs to zoology. Our instructors make every effort to help students understand where their courses can take them on their career path, and many students find the study environment of SPC very beneficial in helping them experience a range of courses whilst determining where they want their future to be heading.

What's special about the program?

Instructors at SPC are committed to ensuring students succeed in the sciences, and as such, every effort is made to ensure that students get the most out of their instructional experience. The Department of Natural Sciences is very cognizant of the needs of students who are transferring to our college, and as such we make every effort to facilitate course substitutions where possible.

Here at St. Philip’s we also have several instructors who also dedicate their time to providing research opportunities to exceptional students who wish to broaden their experience in biology. These research projects run throughout the regular semesters, and through the summer, and serve to help students to further develop their skills and prepare them for future graduate studies.

Aside from research, many of our biology faculty choose to offer community engagement activities that directly support student learning. These community activities are a welcome part of the SPC experience and help students to see how what they are learning in the classroom has real-world applications.

We have a dedicated tutoring/study laboratory on the second floor of our science building, which is solely provided to give students an opportunity to meet with instructors to gain help with their courses. This study center is known as the Byrd Sanctuary and is recognized as a key benefit that SPC students have access to. 

 ...committed to ensuring students succeed in the sciences...

For Biology online syllabi, go to Online Syllabus.

Biology Faculty Members (Click on Name for Email Address)

Contact Information

Program Director:
Alex Ruiz-Velasco
MLK Davis Science Building (SCI), 206

Natural Sciences Department Chair:
Kristabel Aguero
MLK Davis Science Building, 206A

Administrative Services Specialist:
Tiffany Mekeres
MLK Davis Science Building, 206A


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