SPC Baking and Pastry Program hosts Wedding Cake Showcase

May 7, 2024

SPC Marketing & Strategic Communications

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On April 23, the baking and pastry program hosted a showcase dedicated to wedding cakes. The event, held on the 4th floor of the Tourism Hospitality and Culinary Arts Building, brought together student culinarians, their family members, St. Philip’s College employees, alumni, and advisory board members to taste and marvel at the creative cake skills of students for their final exam project.

16 students from this capstone class transformed plain ingredients into three-tiered masterpieces. Chef Instructor Cynthia De La Fuente emphasized the hard work these students put into their cakes by saying, “I have the great honor of watching these students take all the knowledge we’ve deposited into them over several courses and use it to create their piece of art. It takes a great deal of time management and dedication to create these cakes in such a short time frame.” On average, each student worked on their cake art for 40 hours while juggling jobs, home, and school.

To meet course requirements, each student exhibit included a round table draped in white linen for cake display, a framed menu of cake flavor, and 20-40 portions of proposed cake to sample. Each also created a formal contract with a total retail price for their cake, a portfolio of work, and a storyboard explaining the details, a sketch, and inspiration for their work.

Baking and Pastry student, Hannah Yoon, reflected on the inspiration for her cake saying, “My cake reflects Korean Architecture. My parents immigrated to the U.S. in 1997 from South Korea and my culture is a big part of who I am.”

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