St. Philip's College Names Interim Dean for Student Success

April 14, 2023

SPC Marketing & Strategic Communications

Enida Rehome named Interim Dean for Student Success Educational Support Services

“A happy coincidence” are the words Enida Rehome uses to describe how she first found her career at St. Philip’s College.

In 2016, Enida enrolled as a student at SPC to pursue nursing. She held both a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in Human Resource Management when she made her choice to attend SPC.  When asked why, she responded “I heard SPC was the best!”

Shortly after beginning her educational career at the college, she was informed of a job opportunity while studying with her Microbiology group in the Byrd Sanctuary – The Natural Sciences Tutoring Lab. Because of the degrees she held, she was immediately hired as the Biology Academic Support Specialist.

In this job, she found her passion, saying “I loved helping students succeed in their academic pursuits and in areas of their lives where they were struggling.” This passion grew as she moved into a Senior Coordinator position and then made the leap to serve as the Financial Literacy Coach.

Enida understands SPC from the unique perspective of student and employee. Her experiences, education, and positive energy make her a natural fit for the Interim Dean of Student Success.

“My goal is to continue to grow the resources for the various areas a student can be struggling in, from academics, to finances, mental health and life situations,” Enida said.