Program Level: Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Natural Sciences
Institute: Science & Technology
College: SPC

What is Physics Pre-Major?

The Physics Pre-Major program is designed to give students thorough instruction in the study of our natural world. Physics at St. Philip’s will prepare students to successfully transition to further careers in industry or academia.

What will I learn?

Physics is the study of the natural world. Physicists describe the observed phenomena of our world and universe using mathematical relationships and theories. Physics courses at SPC cover a broad range of topics, from mechanics to waves to thermodynamics.

What can I do with this course of study?

Careers and further programs of study that rely on physics are diverse. Physics principles are used in various areas, for example, diagnostic equipment, medical technologies, engineering disciplines, astronomy, weather analysis, etc.

What's special about the program?

Our college offers great instructors, who really want every student to succeed. SPC has a strong culture of students first, and our instructors are committed to meeting the students where they are at academically and provide the resources and instructional delivery that fosters academic achievement and helps students perform to meet the high expectations that our instructors strive for.

We have a dedicated tutoring/study laboratory on the second floor of our science building, which is solely provided to give students an opportunity to meet with instructors to gain help with their courses. This study center is known as the Byrd Sanctuary and is recognized as a key benefit that SPC students have access to.

SPC has a strong culture of students first, and our instructors are committed to meeting the students where they are academically...

For Physics online syllabi, go to Online Syllabus.

Contact Information

Program Director:
Dr. Rankiri Karunasiri
MLK Davis Science Building (SCI), 309H

Department of Natural Sciences Chairperson:
Kristabel Aguero
MLK Davis Science Building (SCI), 206A

Administrative Services Specialist:
Tiffany Mekeres
MLK Davis Science Building, 206A

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